YOU vote, we create 5 custom Exclusive Presale Robots for you on SteemArena!

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On our latest post about Chuck Norris robot being one of the Exclusive Presale Robots we have decided to let the community choose the other four robots. A total of 5 Exclusive robots will be sold only during presale and never after. This is what makes them so special, rare and unique apart from good looks of Chuck.

If you want to find out more about SteemArena, you can also read the intro post by clicking here

We have a total of 11 robot candidates proposed by users in the comments to our latest post about Steem Arena (Stan Lee was proposed twice):

Steem Usernamecolumn2
@redtravelsBruce Lee
@redtravelsStan Lee
@comegetsomeJean-Claude Van Damme
@vangieAi robot (movie Alita)
@balticbadgerT-Rex robot
@jesuvifcKatniss Everdeen
@shaidonNinja Mouse
@shaidonSulphur Crested Cockatoo
@dragonbladesStan Lee
@dragonbladesHugh Hefner

Poll to vote on


I have set up a poll using a nice decentralized voting tool on Steem blockchain ( by @emrebeyler), which will count all your votes and after 7 days we will announce the 4 winners.
Here is the link:
P.S. We will need only 4 because Chuck is already in.

Additional 30 STEEM Bounty for taking a poll


Our team would like to incentivize voting so that we get as many opinions as possible regarding the Exclusive Presale Robots. Thus the bounty will start with 30 STEEM and if we get a lot of upvotes, we will increase this number.
We will be using a cool platform made by @knircky and @famunger to automatically reward our voters.

The Requirements

  1. 100% Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Follow @yuriks2000 and @steemarena
  4. Vote through here is the link:
    (comments are not required, but good quality comments will be incentivized with higher upvote)

Post contributions we cherish

We have decided to officially announce that we will be supporting quality posts made by the community about SteemArena with #steemarena tag. We love to see those articles and translations into Spanish, Italian, Korean, etc. Our accounts will upvote your post and if it deserves more, we will use upvote bots to give it a bigger push.

If you have written such a post just join our Discord using the url: and paste the link to your post in on our steemarena-posts channel or a translation in steemarena-translations.

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe to our newsletter and be one of the first to participate in the presale, to receive Limited Presale Edition Robot packs and to gain early access.



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SteemArena posts

  1. “SteemArena” the first game on the blockchain to Guarantee 100% Buy Back
  2. Please welcome Mr. Chuck Norris to SteemArena

Contact us


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It sounds very interesting and sounds like a great project..!!

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It certainly is, thanks for your support!

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Can't wait! Robots are much more fun than fantasy monsters :)


Glad that you think so @cardboard! Thanks for your support, your words really motivate!

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When the future Post-Apocalyptic robot wars hit, you'll want a TERMINATOR on your side!

Let's make this happen! Get your VOTE in now..


Yeahhhhh, such a cool gif! Loving it, thanks for your vote!

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...........███ ]▄▄▄▄▄▃


Cool tank, you made it yourself?

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#excellent review of steemarena . thats great . keep it up . good luck


We sure will, thank you 🙏!

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Thank you! Thanks 🙏

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True, true

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Great project! I'm currently playing NextColony and loving it, too. Do we have a release date for Steem Arena?

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Thank you, we are doing our best! No release date yet. Have you signed up for the newsletter on our website?

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Chuck Norris please

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Hehehe. Blockchain technology.