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Cryptocurrency is a term that everyone is talking about these days. It has become quite popular in recent years. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual asset that is protected by encryption. Decentralization, transparency, and immutability are all ensured thanks to blockchain technology. Because there is no central authority issuing cryptocurrency, it is resistant to government influence and manipulation. Bitcoin was the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and it ushered in a wave of other cryptocurrencies. The ease of cryptocurrencies benefits various sectors, and one of those industries is online gaming.
According to research, around 75% of online game players desire to trade their virtual assets for a currency they can purchase and sell on other platforms. Online gaming and metaverse currencies like Gala and Axie also witnessed large profits and growth.Players may accumulate and trade virtual assets using cryptocurrencies, which they can swap and trade anywhere around the globe. As a result, it provides a safe and simple way for the gaming industry to generate money.

The topic of today’s post has to do with gaming and cryptocurrencies. So please stick with us to the finish to learn about the best play-to-earn games in terms of gameplay and financial guidance — Funny Games World.

What is the Funny Games World?
Funny Games World was created to provide a platform where everyone can have fun while winning money. The games are not like other play-to-earn games — they are difficult strategy games suitable for people of all ages. Why not earn while playing a game? We already play brain teasers that people of all ages who have smartphones like, so why not earn while playing a game?

The team regularly introduces new games to make the platform more enjoyable and functional. There are several games on the project’s list, but it is not planned to release them all at once to maintain the enjoyment and profitability.

How does it work?


Get the game app from the Google Play/App Store. Sign up for the game app. Connect your wallet to your computer. The desired earnings level determines the amount of FGW tokens placed into the system. This is merely a deposit, and you may get it back at any moment. Let’s get this started.

  1. To play the game, you must have an FGW token.
  2. Download and install the games app.
  3. Make a connection between your wallet and your computer.
  4. A quantity of FGW tokens is deposited into the system based on the targeted earnings level.
  5. After 30 days of being locked, FGW tokens gained in the game can be redeemed.
  6. Any unclaimed tokens will be burned if the deposit is withdrawn.
  7. The game cannot be played if the deposit is removed.
  8. The player can return to the game and start up where they left off during the day.
  9. After the day, at 03.00 UTC, the game is reset and begins again from the beginning.

Token details
Token contract: 0x6cA9Ac8f90c79Afc01a80B09919937557B3c4082
Total Supply:
Token Name: Funny Game World
Token Symbol: FGW

Road Map
Smart Contract build
Token Launch
Web site and Social Media Launch
KYC and Audit
White Paper
BSCScan infı update
Launch game
Presale on Unicrypt
2.000 Holders

Listing on CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko
10.000 holders
Expand Developer team
New Games Update
Influencers Marketing

New Games Update
Nft Market Open
40.000 holders

Rewards: 300.000.000.000 (linear unlocked 12 month)
Team: (Linear unlocked 6 month)
Marketing: (Linear unlocked 6 month)
Airdrop: (3 month locked)
Presale: 9unlocked)
Burn: (linear unlocked 12 month)

Token Distribution


30% — Rewards
20% — Team
10% — Liquidity
10% — Burn
8% — Marketing
2% — Airdrop
20% — Presale

3% is for the rewards pool. The main aim of Funny Games World is to make you earn money. The commission demanded by the team goes directly to the reward pool, and the infinite loop of the pool is not broken. In that way, bot traders are blocked so that the tokens don’t lose

Buy/Sell Fee : 3%

Even though crypto games and blockchain technology appear to be technical, the benefits to both players and creators are obvious. Crypto games increase players’ gaming experiences while simultaneously improving producers’ earnings. Although blockchain technology in online games is still in its infancy, it has a bright future ahead of it.

We hope we were able to aid you in acquiring a coin that might be the best Axie or Gala at an early stage.

In the Funny Games World, players will be able to win while having a wonderful time. Everyone will be able to find something they enjoy. Regardless of whatever one you choose, you will have a lot of fun and perhaps win a lot of money, and the plans are also pretty appealing. Value.

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