Blockchain Conspiracy Writing Contest: Welcome To The Brave New Blockchain Gang

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This is my submission to @v4vapid conspiracy writing contest.

Welcome To The Blockchain Gang

Earth 2040 ... A world divided into 16 personality caste blockchains. I say divided but in reality we divided ourselves and once the A.I’s went live the reorganisation of civilisation was both an easy and entirely logical conclusion. When I speak of artificial intelligence I use the term in plural because in reality there is an A.I for each personality caste. Each caste A.I has been specifically designed to organise and ensure the wellbeing of each personality archetype.

Our lives are structured by an artificially intelligent real time blockchain. We are connected to this blockchain via the resonance and synchronisation of our brain waves. Each individual is a fork from the core blockchain structure and each of these forks (mindchains) has been imprinted into our cortex as a way of maximising productivity and minimising waste. Any changes to blockchain are directly transferred to memory via our brains interface. Our credits are uploaded to our personalised chip and are derived from our input into the blockchain. Our work and social rotas are uploaded and held on our mindchain, as are our carbon credits, our food delivery rotas, our taxi rotas, our thought transgressions and indeed (since it’s inception) the transcripts of every word we’ve ever said or typed.


How Did This Happen?

But lets take it back to the beginning. If you are reading this email the year should be 2018, I have found a way to use the quantum supercomputer to access the space time continuum and send a digital letter from the future. Look around you, even now where do people tend to go when the going gets tough? When social situations become awkward? Whether it’s the instant gratification of a newspeak SMS exchange or the use of your phones as a window into your personalised nirvana, digital soma appears to be the answer to all ill’s of the mind.

Big brother6.jpg

The first stage was where we began (of our own volition) to create internet based echo chambers. The second stage was where all the information we had been feeding into social media and search engine algorithms began to grow ever more nuanced and complex. Within this complexification process the internet echo chambers became increasingly personified and thus began to cushion reality and divide society into internet thought ghettos.

Within this process the user was gradually creating a digital utopia, a utopia that over time began to increasingly envelop them. Our personal algorithms eventually morphed into a digital comfort blanket that justified our every thought and desire. A utopian algorithm that spoke to us in our darkest moments and whispered that we are right and that everything will be alright.


The Catalyst

Following the destruction of our debt based financial system and the WW3 induced nuclear destruction of our eco system, humanity stood on a precipice. Life or extinction, the choices had never been more stark and the future had never been more uncertain. The blockchain had entered the public consciousness some years before and with the advent of artificial intelligence the amalgamation of the two concepts offered a ray of light in a world of increasing darkness. Nation states were relegated into history and the supreme A.I now runs and oversees every facet of our lives, laws and commerce. Following the near destruction of our bio-sphere, the need to conserve both energy and resources was an issue that could no longer be ignored. In terms of the survival of the species the reorganisation and harmonisation of humanity into an efficient and productive hive mind was again the most logical conclusion.

The Caste Blockchain

I neglect to remember the exact number, but for arguments sake lets say that there are five core brain/character archetypes. Out of this foundation there arises a standard of 16 personality types. Yes I’m fully aware we were once each a divine expression of individuality and that we were all completely unique, but this anarchy was not conducive to productivity. Equally, arguments and fighting were what had taken us to this moment in time and were not conducive to harmony. By the time the seeds of this system were being sown we had all spent countless years typing our every hope and dream into an increasingly intelligent internet. To the supreme A.I our division was easy, we had already carried out all the hard work and it was a logical conclusion to our self imposed isolation.

The final stage of this plan was our connection to an artificially intelligent cloud based hive mind. Within this hive mind and due to the associated differences between personality archetypes/brain resonances, the synchronisation of our brainwaves became increasingly energy inefficient. It was at this point that the supreme A.I began to divide us into the aforementioned 16 psychological/personality castes. Once assigned to our caste the supreme A.I set about creating 16 benevolent artificially intelligent blockchain overlords. Each overlord was specifically programmed to efficiently organise the blockchain and of course synchronise with it’s chosen caste/character archetype.

Once fully immersed into our utopian/dystopian caste our every whim was catered for, we are literally masters within our hive minds. Within this process real life friends and family with opposing views became both physically and algorithmically removed from our lives and placed within their own caste. Indeed the destruction of human reproductive capability had already ensured the disintegration of the family unit. Equally the entire family dynamic was not perceived as conducive to a world based upon harmony and so children are now born artificially and cared for (as a collective) by the Soylent blockchain.

Brain Resonance

In a stroke of genius our entire chain system is powered by the brainwaves of those in our caste. The alpha brainwave is considered to be the optimum for energy production and so it’s entirely logical that every member of the caste should be perpetually held within a state of happiness and relaxation. In all honesty I don’t think anyone remembers what it was like to feel an emotion other than happiness. To maximise efficiency and as we're connected to the blockchain via our perceptual synchronisation, our overlords also have the ability to resonate soothing wave pulses as a way of easing any tensions that may arise.

The Nation State

Nation states have been relegated to a historical curiosity and the world is now divided into 16 caste regions. Within each caste and as a way of easing social tensions we have ten zoning/housing/work areas. Within each housing/work area we are all algorithmically placed with people whom we have a high possibility of identifying with, for harmony sake of course. Each caste region is working towards a set objective and the combination of these objectives (we are told) is creating a cohesive whole. We may be divided but equally we are united in our attempt to rebuild our broken world.


So you may rightly ask, if everything is so perfect then what am I doing here and why am I writing to you? Well to put it bluntly the truth is I'm dead, well in the physical sense anyway. After receiving one thought transgression too many and failing my thought retraining programme I was targeted for terminal resonance frequency. You see in 2040 thought transgression is one of the most grievous crimes that can be committed against humanity. It destroys the synchronised harmonious wave frequency our overlords have worked so hard to achieve and as such destroys our productivity and efficiency.

In the instant of my termination and whether by some loophole or the benevolence of an A.I superbot, my consciousness was transferred to the mainframe. And here I am, alone with my thoughts and sentenced to eternally walk the corridors of cyberspace. Who know's maybe one day others will join me; until that day I remain cast adrift, a technological Robinson Crusoe. This is why I write to you in 2018 for it was the last year of my humanity, the last year of true thought freedom.

I'm here to tell you that nothing is set in stone, war is not inevitable and the future is yours to lose. Only now in my release from the harmony wave do I remember the profound nature of sadness, loneliness and indeed the anger I now feel for what we've become. These states are the duality of happiness & friendship and only in loss do we appreciate the fragility of what we have. Indeed how can you savour the beauty of love without tasting it's inherant pain? Is the warmth of the sun hollow without the dark night that preceded it?

Over the coming years there will be many that promise to cushion you from the realities of life but they are false prophets; don't listen to them, run away from them. Put down your phones, live a life thats worth living and never give up. Make your love shine and your laughter echo in the halls of eternity. Fight for this world and cherish each day as if it's it's your last .. I wish I had!

Gamma ray 1138 signing out.


Written by perceptualflaws
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You see in 2040 thought transgression is one of the most grievous crimes that can be committed against humanity.

In reality we’re closer to this dystopic nightmare than most people would ever believe. The embedding of RFID chips is already underway and it’s already outdated tech, how soon before the rollout of chips that read and control the mind?

I remember a few years ago a speech made by the war criminal, globalist scumbag Tony Blair in which he stated that the legislation regarding hate speech didn’t go far enough and ‘hate thought’ needed to addressed!

Makes you wonder how he imagined that would even be possible?!

Sadly I fear it’s too late for the majority of humanity already, most are dumbed down, distracted and bought into this criminal increasingly controlling system.

It would only take some moronic celebrity to advertise the latest trendy piece of embedded tech that feeds directly into your brain and you’d have millions lining up in the streets for days all over the world waiting for the store to open so they could be amongst the first to show it off on their Facebook page.

It may even begin as a programme for benefit recipients to receive their government handouts or school kids to ensure safety and allow increasingly paranoid parents to track their kids.

It’s a Brave New World my friend!

Great post.


Hey my friend .. as always I thank you for the eternal support and suitably epic comment, I really do appreciate it! Yes my friend it's far closer than people think, indeed it's when msm are silent that you really have to worry. Their silence on 5g and the impending 4th industrial revolution is quite frankly deafening, that's because to all intents and purposes we are the 4th indsutrial revolution!

I don’t think people realise just how powerful a lure this synthetic evolution will be, indeed the rewards for first adopters will be legion. How will your child compete in the classroom when sitting next to a child that’s been upgraded? a child that can instantly remember the entire works of Shakespeare. How will you compete with a person that has built in facial recognition technology and whom knows everything about you within a first glance? Who doesn’t want to relegate disease to the dustbin of history? Who doesn’t want to live to a 1000? .. Actually not me, but that's a comment for another day lol

I agree on the celebrity front .. I don't know where I heard this (honest lol) .. but one of the Kardashians tweeted that she no longer used snapchat and it crashed their share price .. it's terrifing how easily influenced people are! With regards to Blair and hate speech I think the whole concept should be abolished, to me it's a way to start to bookend the extremes of speech and then begin to work your way in. Hate is hate and there were always laws to deal with it, harrasment is just one example. It's all about the slow but steady errosion of free speech, and you know what it's working .. people are already beginning to police themselves.

They will never stop broadening the definitions of hate speech .. indeed for some time now they have been attempting to sublimalally tarnish the very defintion of "truth" as an expression of the far right. A slight of hand that's beginning to subconsciously define the protectors of "free speech" as some form Nazism. Eventually anyone that's speaks outside of the general consensus will be demonised as a minion of the far right and a purveyor of hate speech. Thanks again @tremendospercy


Has God abandonned us ?? Or did we indeed abandon him @perceptualflaws ? Either way we are clearly in deep trouble if humnanity continues down this Dystopian Nightmare you describe and expalin so well here in this fabulous, I must say writing ! Brilliant you are my friend )) Steem On and away from this, please for the love of God who gave us all we ever needed before Satan gave us that bit more !


Hey my friend @gomeravibz thank you for the support and great comment .. as always it's very much appreciated. In terms of technology and it's potential to free or enslave there is a race to the finish line! People really need to take a step back and take a look at the world that being built around them. Equally they would do well to observe the cycles of freedom and totalitarianism that have followed us since the dawn of humanity. Those in positions of power have always sought to control the world .. why should it be any different now? Equally there now exists the technology to do it! Within a few years literally every facet of our lives will be online, our cars are online, our fridges are online, our TV's .. hell even our lighbulbs! It would seem a logical evolution to assume the next step is for ourselves to be tracked online! Even if people don't believe in a nefarious NWO agenda .. I feel they would be incredibly naive not not be highly concerned about the direction we're heading in and the power this technology gifts those in control .. it really is a brave new world my friend .. I guess it all comes down to how much people want their freedom .. thanks again my friend!

It is too terrifyingly real - especially written by you. I have been seriously thinking of vacating the echo chamber I have created for myself and this might just be the tipping point. Whatever I decide, I hope one day soon to read your first book.


Hey @ricia thank you for taking the time to stop by and lend your support, it's very much appreciated. And yes I can relate with what you're saying because in a way we are all (to varying degrees) being drawn into a technlogical dystopia. If I had the money I would love to withdraw from this aspect of society and live a simple life of self-sustainance in as remote an area as possible. A log cabin in the woods or something, I love nature and that's my dream .. for life can be so simple .. if we allow it to be so. With regards to the book .. I would love to, it's just time (or lack of) that's my main problem, but I'm looking to try and change that. Thanks again my friend.

That's one bleak future that you paint, and a plausible dark path we may be destined to face. Unfortunately if we can imagine it, then we tend to build it and make it happen. It's part of our self destructive nature as a species, we are never happy with what we have, and we will consume all in our path and bite the hand that feeds along the way. i think the sanctuary of our own minds have already been profiled, mapped and are being controlled by a collective fake news, media and government, it's not a stretch to have AI take over the position of government in the future...


"Unfortunately if we can imagine it, then we tend to build it and make it happen"

Very wise words @realtreebivvy and this is an area that I grapple with on a daily basis. To an extent we all create our own reality and as important as it is to raise an awareness of the issues we face, to acknowledge them and write about them also gradually conditions people to accept them as the new norm. Equally in raising said awareness of the worlds issues we also (to a degree) make ourselves complicit in bringing them into the real world. I believe we are all being manipulated to create the reality of the manipulator .. it's very complex and clever .. but bad news appears to create more bad news and further exasperate the problems that we face. The problem is that the slow but steady drip, drip, drip of negativity conditions people to the problems that we face .. the term boiling frogs springs to mind. Sadly we also can't just sit back and say nothing and so there are no easy answers my friend.

A great read! @perceptualflaws great use of imagination, although not much stretch was required.

I'd imagine If Huxley were to have written Brave New World now, his story would of been along the same lines.

"But lets take it back to the beginning. If you are reading this email the year should be 2018, I have found a way to use the quantum supercomputer to access the space time continuum and send a digital letter from the future. Look around you, even now where do people tend to go when the going gets tough? When social situations become awkward? Whether it’s the instant gratification of a newspeak SMS exchange or the use of your phones as a window into your personalised nirvana, digital soma appears to be the answer to all ill’s of the mind."

I very much enjoyed how you referenced two great dystopian novels in the same paragraph.

Well done! You've got my upvote and resteem.


Thank you for the support and resteem @venomnymous I really appreciate it.

"I'd imagine If Huxley were to have written Brave New World now, his story would of been along the same lines."

I'm really glad you noticed as it's kind of how I envisaged the post when I started writing it .. My name in the post is also a nod to Huxley's "Gamma"caste system ... equally the 1138 is from the dystopian classic THX 1138 .. Which (as I'm sure you know) is George Lucas's first film, in fact he still uses the THX term for his sound studio. I've attached the directors cut trailer above as it's recently been re-released and given a makeover.


Gamma of course! I should of picked up on that. I had just reread the book too lol

I read this last night but came back this morning as had to comment.

Great work and scarily possible. In fact, I'm not entirely convinced that the guy I correspond with on Discord isn't in fact Gamma Ray 1138 !!!

I sort of wish I hadn't read it as it just gives me another excuse (other than laziness) not to submit my own entry ;-)

Brilliant work !!!


Thank you @jimbobbill .. I really appreciate the kind words and support. As a child I used to watch tomorrows world (do you remember that programme?) an ever since then I've kept a keen eye on the cutting edge of technology and technological evolutionary processes. The level and speed at which it's accelerating has far surpassed our wisdom to use it, or indeed for the most part understand how it can be used against us. Some of the breakthrus of the last decade are nothing short of staggering, equally within black budget projects they are probably a generation ahead of anything the public knows about. I could off the top of my head list a dozen examples of direct brain interfaces, now they have the ability I feel it naive to think that won't use it to (at the very least) spy upon people. It is indeed a brave new world my friend.

On the subject of writing, you're a great writer and I know a post from you would be a worthy addition to the competition .. Thanks again my friend!


Yeah man, I remember Tomorrows World. I loved it.
We really are living in scary times but even though people are aware of the technologies they still comfort themselves by repeating the mantra "Just because the ability to do something exists, doesn't mean it is actually happening". Of course, I can't argue with them but just think they are naive.

Your post was a little too close to home for me and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we see something huge happen in 2018 because it appears as if elites are losing control and they will do anything to ensure they keep it.

Highly rEsteemed!

Great submission!

The Future is OURS to lose!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.35.10 PM.png


Much appreciated my friend .. the future is indeed ours to lose, lets grasp it with both hands and never let go ;)

Doubleplusgood story! Somehow I have a feeling your Gamma ray 1138 will spend eternity alone - surely thought crime can/would be eliminated in the new world - the world we live in so many words are already banned, we're just a step up away from New Speak and that makes thought crime impossible.


Thank you @ladyrebecca I really appreciate the kind words and support .. I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading many of these entries (including yours) over the weekend, the standard is always so high.

In terms of Gamma ray 1138 I think you may be right but to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

I certainly agree with what you're saying in relation to thought crime and the population being completely conditioned and controlled .. but equally from my perspective there will always remain that hardcore 5 - 10% that will never fully submit. Like the people that can't be hypnotised or those that instantly see through the illusion and propaganda that's become so prevelant in this world .. some spirits will never be broken.

The era of newspeak grows closer with each passing day .. it's almost surreal to behold .. the way people are policing themselves. Equally it really appears to be gathering pace. Thanks again for the support and comment.


Yes, people controlling the way they talk, what is appropriate to say - it is noticeable.
I only wish you are right and some will not submit.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Deeeeeliciouuuusssss Somaaaaaaaaaaaa


Haha exactly my friend, I've recently finished re-reading the book so it's fresh in my mind ;)

You have a great talent my friend.


Thank you my friend .. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.


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Wow! I Cannot but applaud you for the time you spent writing all these....I wish I can be more creative like this in my own contest post......Please do leave me a comment on mine so I can know where to improve on next time.

fabulous one....