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ITC Group is an international cooperative group that allows each person to easily get access to the acquisition of their own homes. Without banks, without guarantors, at minimal cost, with minimal risks, with the possibility of comfortable exchange of one object for another, without territorial restrictions.

ITC Group, introducing the blockchain and a single cryptocurrency through cooperative programs, gives the owner of tokens the opportunity to have high security, the ability to profitably acquire property around the world, as well as acquire any ITC Market goods at a favorable price and with an innovative cash back.

ITCM is the first “cryptocurrency” secured by square meters, developer profit, production of a wide line of its own products and modern ITC Market platform with an ever-growing sales market.

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Problems and solutions

We are living in the epoch of information and the Internet, so it is not a secret that economic crises are not accidental: they are made intentionally. Here’s what happens First, banks lower interest rates, making loans available, stimulating consumption, which leads to economic growth. Then the interest rate is raised, which makes loans more expensive and less affordable, resulting in a decrease in consumption. Enterprises lose revenue and begin to cut expenditures – and employees are the first who will suffer. People, who took loans during stable economic period, become unemployed, and, as a result, they cannot pay off the banks and lose their property.

Everywhere we can hear breaking news about the economic crisis, the decline in economic indicators, etc. The history repeats itself every 7-10 years: people lose their hard-earned property, and banks get superprofits, catching people in this economic “mousetrap” where they got due to their excessive consumption. In our case, the client receives not only favorable conditions for the acquisition of real estate, which make the purchase of real estate available to everyone, but also protection from the current economic trends.

ITC Group is an international cooperative group proposing you an option to purchase your own apartment for a better price and with minimal risks, without banks and guarantors. You can exchange one real estate facility for another without any territorial restrictions.

The issue of ITCM is implemented by cooperative programs

“My Apartment – My Home” – every time when a participant of the program makes the first deposit or a monthly payment, it gradually buys out its property, while a smart contract produces ITCM tokens in accordance with the current exchange rate. Thereby, the cryptocurrency goes on sale already secured. Also, paying for real estate with tokens, a participant of the program gets a discount on the property in the amount of up to 3% and the reduction of the annual interest rate for installments for up to 1%, which means significant benefits, as well as additional demand ITCM on the exchange.

“Saving program” is a program for accumulation for the first payment with monthly payments. The special feature of the program is an average interest income of up to 8% annually, which accelerates accumulation process. Due to the receipt of funds, the smart contract results to the issue of secured ITCM tokens.

“ITCM program” is a program for the purchase of tokens. The funds received from the participants are spent on construction and purchase of real estate facilities. They are also spent on the production of goods within the framework of the ITC Market platform. Buying products with ITCM, a buyer receives a discount of up to 3%, which ensures a constant exchange demand for ITCM.

Become a member of a cooperative and buy an apartment or house of your dreams

Cooperative subsidy up to 10 years from 0% per annum

Buying a house with a plot

The program participant chooses the site, selects the project of the house and coordinates the details of the exterior and interior. Signs the documents, pays the down payment and gets the house in accordance with the construction schedule.

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Purchase of an apartment

Thanks to the terms of the Program, a participant can receive a grant for the purchase of an apartment up to 10 years with a rate of 0% per annum.

The program participant agrees on the estimated cost of the apartment being purchased, pays or accumulates the initial payment, signs the documents.

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Buying a car

For those who want to gain more freedom of movement and purchase their own car, the program “My Auto” is in effect. Down payment – 25%.

Having entered into an agreement and having paid the necessary contributions, the participant receives a completely new car for free use, which will become his property after paying the full amount


  • Low interest on funds allocated to the cooperative: 0% or 2% for up to 10 years
  • Minimum share – 10 000 rubles
  • To join a cooperative you need only one document – a passport.
  • You can buy housing in any settlement of Russia
  • Full transparency of the LCD for the shareholder through the personal account on the website of the Cooperative
  • The possibility of transferring the share to another member of the cooperative or to a third party

Partners and customers

In order to create favorable conditions for the acquisition of high-quality goods and services, ITC GROUP constantly monitors trends and selects new partners to join the cooperative.

ITC Group is a great opportunity for participants of cooperative programs to start their own, socially oriented business, having legal support and a professional training system.


ITCM is the first crypto-currency secured with square meters, real estate development,production of a wide range of own products and a modern ITC Market platform with an ever growing market.

The ITC Group’s emission of ITCM tokens will fundamentally solve the issue of financing the construction of its own real estate development projects, significantly improve the conditions for purchasing housing around the world, both for the token holders and participants in cooperative programs.

Real estate, being a tangible asset reflecting the most important value for any person, is one of the flagships of the value standard in the world. Under conditions of repeated expert statements that the dollar is not secured, and the US public debt has become unbearable, and in the near future the world will fall into the deepest financial crisis, many people are looking for alternative sources for creating and preserving their own savings. And the ITCM token is exactly the instrument, allowing to have not only the secured value, but also a good purchasing power.

ICO details

General information

Token: ITCM

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 15,000,000,0000 ITCM

Price: 1 ITCM = 0.017 USD

From 06 October 2018 to 05 April 2019, the price of the token will increase by 1% per day.

Payment: Eth



Start: 04/01/2018

Completion: 09/30/2018


Start: 10/06/2018

Completion: 04/05/2019

Tokens distribution

10% of the tokens are allocated to the ITC team. In order to ensure growth and success for the company, employees will receive rewards, promotions and support tokens.

3% advertising, marketing.

87% ITCM secured placemen

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itc group token1.png

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Developing models for cooperative programs

Real Estate Market Analysis

Launch ITCM

Run the program

ICO preparation

Start project cottage village

ITCM preliminary offer

Star advertising company

Start of the program

Launching ICO

Completion of ICO, Airdrop

Independent Audit

Publication of the audit report

Conclusion ITCM on the stock exchange

ITC Team

The ITC Group managed to gather experienced experts in the fields of real estate, blockchain, cryptocurrency and financial management. Among us there are those who successfully managed investment portfolios of tens of millions of dollars in more than 30 countries around the world.

Larisa Gert

Chairman of the Board of the ITC Group

Evgeny Gert

Co-founder and board member of the ITC Group

Alexander Yasinsky

Chairman of the Board of the ITC Group

Ekaterina Popova

Chief Accountant of the ITC Group

Anton Stukov

Head of Legal Department of the ITC Group

Aliona Fofonova

Head of Advertising Service of the ITC Group

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