New record for Steemit with 1,899,329 transactions /24h !!!

2년 전

I won't spend much time in explaining, the numbers talk for themselves.


Steemit was already the busiest blockchain in the world. It is still the busiest but now with an all time high record of 1,899,329 transactions during the past 24 hours.


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  ·  2년 전

Amazing! I have a feeling that the STEEM price is artificially low right now. No way could the biggest blockchain be only at 1 billion market cap. Best to stock up before the price catches up to its value! #GetOnSteem

Nice to see two graphene based blockchains in the top 3


Indeed it is ;)

Its great !

I watch steem everyday, and think the price will go up over time, it's been steady and that's what I like about it!!

Now, 1.8m+.... Next to infinity and beyond...

I remember watching @JerryBanfield make some macro cryptocurrency predictions and he said he was going all in on Steem because, unlike some blockchains that are JUST crypto, steemit had so much potential and that traffic would bring the price up in the long run. Six months later hes pretty spot on, glad im here. Glad we've got tons of new users, maybe that can solve all this reward pool drama with a wider diversity of voices.


The future looks bright ! Dtube is really making its way and tapping into Youtubers pool, that's cool to see.

Truly time spent on steemit is worth priceless, i see a wonderful future in steemit world


I also do ;)

Buena información. A toda makina comunidad steemit👏


A toda maquina ;) Veo Steemit creciendo mucho este año !

Well, since STEEM is the only blockchain that is really used for a purpose (other than just sending funny money from a to b) it will stay this way..... until... EOS comes around ;))


It's funny when you compare activity and market cao in the top 4.
We will soon see this weird capital attribution finding its natural balance.

So glad to here it! Looking forward to more success!

Nice post...
May you have more success in life..
Keep it up...

Onward to 2,000,000!

wow very nice good info

what's stunning about steem and it's blockchain is that it does not break a sweat, that's when you know you backed the right technology! :)

This is really amazing. It is truly fantastic to see milestones over milestons reached with steem.

When the smart tokens get finally ready to taek off, this thing is gonna explode!

And i want to be there to see it!

Blocktivity is still under rated, throw it on the fav tab asap!!! lol talk about leading the way, Steem POWER foreal. Even better that we are all already in the system!!!

Your site is a great tool and I use it every day!

Wooow steem have more activity that ethereum!!! Awesome!