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*** EDIT : Not open-source anymore, please read this post ***

Dear Stemians and Blocktivity lovers,

These last few weeks have been quite intense for me as I have learned how to set up a server with all the web services applications, databases, and security aspects of it, I moved my other websites there (,,, I learn some basics of Linux, Node.js, JS, Express.js, GitHub, ... Lots of information in very few time but my head managed to remain in one piece.

Now, the space to create a new version of Blocktivity is set up.

You'll find the GitHub repository here:

Right now, there is :

  • A few instructions and info (
  • Ideas on what we could do or implement in the new version (
  • A few part of the old PHP code in docs/
  • Pictures of the new website demo the SCORUM team have made.

If you want to join the community. Read, communicate or help, here are the groups on Telegram :

As you have probably read in the previous announcement, Blocktivity will be open source. Over the next weeks, I will inform my self to get the best-suited license for the project.

If you have any skills in any area, I'm sure they can be appreciated by this growing community. Please, join, even if it's only for reading and entertainment. You will find a smart and caring community with a great deal of attention on blockchain straight and real information.

If you have enjoyed the reading, please consider voting and/or resteem these blogs.

With appreciation, Blocktivity


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Loving your work but would like to see stats for cardano, ripple and neo


Yeah, Blocktivity is awesome.
Agreed, it would be good to get good stats on neo and ripple too. That average 7-day activity indicator is my favorite.


I agree but Ripple is a bit too centralised to be counted in the rankings. As I see it, Ripple is like a bank that uses blockchain on their backend. If I add it, I would have to add any bank in the world that start using blockchain at some level.
That's why, at least for the moment, I didn't look into add Ripple. I want Blocktivity homepage to reflect the activity on fully decentralised blockchain projects.
Now Blocktivity is open sourcing, if ppl want s to add a section with banks using blockchain, or simply a copy of the home page matrix but including Ripple, it is possible !
As for the other blockchains, indeed, it's time to add them !

Tu l'as fait !!! BRAVO !!! 😉


Yep, voyons maintenant ce que le futur nous réserve !

Thanks for your update news and creativity.

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Now that's some really great news! I'd love to run my own instance of Blocktivity for personal use.

I must've shared links of hundreds of times by now, always when I want to point out that Steem is one of the most active blockchains.


Thanks for your support Daan ;)

Great article! Thank you!

I wish you more wisdom for the steem community @blocktivity

This is a nice product. It's cool to see steemit up so high in the rankings for most used cryoptocurrencies.

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Thank you for the information.

Happy to help any way that I can. My background is in digital marketing & ad tech so would love to see if there is a way that I can get the word out. Fuzzy let me know that this project is going to be taking off. I have some ideas on how to fund the initiative :D