BlockTrades is once again accessible directly from BitShares wallet

2년 전

We've updated the BitShares wallet hosted on to allow directly purchasing BitShares-related tokens from BlockTrades using the wallet. This feature is mainly useful to BitShares token holders, because it simplifies trading with us: for example, there's no need to copy/paste memos to make trades.

New landing page for the BlockTrades bridge

When you first visit the BlockTrades bridge page of the wallet, you'll see a screen like this:

Login page

From here, you can click on one of the buttons to create an account or login to your existing BlockTrades account. After clicking on the login button, you will see our standard login page:

Trading Page (familiar sight to BitShares wallet users)

After you login, you'll be redirected back to the BitShares wallet, but the bridge will now have all the old options for directly making trades with us from within the BitShares wallet:

The only change on this page is the addition of a "Logout now" button to end your login to BlockTrades.

Deposit/Withdrawal/Internal Conversion Trading Options

The trading page is divided into three sections to simplify the purchasing steps required for different types of purchases:

  • Deposit section allows purchasing BitShares-hosted tokens using tokens from other blockchains (for example, purchasing BitShares with Bitcoin).
  • Withdrawal section is for the reverse operation (purchasing tokens from other blockchains such as Steem using tokens from the BitShares blockchain).
  • Internal Conversions section is for purchasing BitShares-hosted tokens with other BitShares-hosted tokens.

Currently the new interface is only available on the BitShares wallet hosted by BLCA (the association behind the BEOS blockchain), but we hope to see it get integrated into the BitShares reference wallet as well.

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  ·  2년 전

Awesome update @blocktrades i just wonder how to get a bitshares but i will take research about it. 🤗🤗

· is the "landing page" for the project. It's a blockchain focused on operated as a decentralized exchange (probably the first and still probably the fastest in terms of transaction speed). You can get a free account via the wallet I mentioned (

  ·  2년 전

Ok sir! thank you for providing that wallet i would not be hussle to look for it..appreciated much sir!🙏🙏

  ·  2년 전

i was confused with my data,i think it's not work for android phone. I only use phone all the time.. :(sad.. Thanks anyway sir i will check it back when i have cpu and wifi..atleast i know now where to go👍🙏


yeah i still dont get how bitshares can give out free instant accounts to whoever has needed them but steem still cant... very sad. I cant believe i am having to think about writing a steem proposal for account creation subsidies from the SPS funding! And that can only buy so many INV tokens to create accounts with. 3 steem per account isnt so bad but SPS cant pay for very many new accounts but its a start.

Glad to hear :-)
I came back here after a long time and found all these changes that I need to get used. Happy to see a lot of these changes too!

Thank you for this information my friend

Well done Dan

@blocktrades thanks for share information

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Now I have to get some Bitshares token! And also a wallet! I couldn’t get a wallet some time ago!

Thanks for the update!

Good jhob this is block trader

How is that gonna benifit me (new to Steem), don't speak much tho.

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It's more of a benefit to BitShares holders than Steem holders, although it does make it easier for BitShares holders to buy Steem.


Thank you for very precise answer

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This is funny, some asshole is gonna earn in $100, and still he still be like "Which comment do I like?" Now repeat after me, "Blockchain is decentralised."

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did someone call for an @asshole ? Maybe try my Asshole tribe for assholes

Thanks for sharing the information. @blocktrades

very nice upvoted and resteemed and hey @blocktrades could you Please add Golos Classic support? You can just use the Bitshares asset for RUDEX GOLOS here it would be VERY helpful for golos Classic, they recently hardforked away from golos io now they have the chain under their control witness control, forked out golosio and cyberfund and you could help add that same golos token on bitshares the same one that people have been trading, to blocktrades and make lots of fees off selling and buying golos. We would be very grateful. Thanks!

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