How to convert Steem/SBD to USD/Euro more efficiently

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A lot of BlockTrades' customers who want to get USD or Euros will sell their Steem to for Bitcoin (BTC), then sell their BTC on an exchange that supports fiat (USD/Euro) withdrawals. In principal, this is an OK methodology, but due to the high price of Bitcoin and the resulting increase in the transaction fee charged by the Bitcoin network, this isn't the most efficient way to convert your Steem to fiat dollars.

If you can find an exchange where you can sell either Litecoin or Ethereum for fiat, it's cheaper to buy Litecoin or Ethereum from BlockTrades, then sell those coins for fiat on the exchange, because the transaction fee charged by these networks is much, much lower.

This is particular important if you are sending relatively small amounts of Steem or SBD, because we have to pass along to our customers the cost we incur for sending them the bitcoin.

In some cases, the customer sends in an amount so small that it doesn't even cover the cost of sending the bitcoin to them. In this case, our system will display the message: permanent_output_failure_input_too_small. This error can easily be avoided by doing one of two things: 1) selecting a different output coin from bitcoin since just about every other coin has much cheaper transaction fees or 2) sending in reasonably large amounts of Steem or SBD to reduce the impact of the fixed cost of sending the bitcoin. Method 1) is generally your best option for getting to fiat, but if you can't get an account on an exchange that supports anything but BTC to fiat, then 2) is a reasonable option for combatting the cost of the bitcoin transaction fee.

Another advantage of using Litecoin or Ethereum for converting to fiat is speed: both of these coins confirm faster than bitcoin does.

EDIT: I wanted to clarify that the above recommendations are just for customers whose ultimate goal is a fiat currency like USD or Euro.

I don't mean this post as an encouragement to invest in Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other altcoin versus Bitcoin: there are many factors that could influence investing in any particular cryptocurrency and I don't plan to weigh in here on which one is best to hold for investment purposes, especially as I think the best coin to invest in can frequently change.

But if you are selling your Steem or other cryptocurrency to invest in Bitcoin on our site, I do recommend you make such purchases with relatively large values relative to the Bitcoin transaction cost. For example, instead of sending in 4 SBD at four different times for bitcoin, save the SBD until you have 16 SBD, then do one transaction on our site for the Bitcoin. This will save you the cost of 3 bitcoin transaction fees.

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We at adsactly love blocktrades infact whatever SteemPower that we have right now was bought from Blocktrades thank @blocktrades for creating such a wonderful platform.


There is something I do not understand if you can be explained please . Voting value: For example, if I owned 1000 Steem Power, how much would the upvote be? Thank you


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@adsactly I definitely agree with you in that @blocktrades is a great platform for exchanges. This post indeed shows their believe in freedom and their aim to help people save money, and improve their transaction method in terms of time and costs. Just upvoted the comment and post. Regards, @gold84

@blocktrades I love your website so much I made a tutorial about it on Steem and a video tutorial on YouTube.

Would you please show the exact exchange rate and the blocktrades fee on each transaction because that is what would keep me coming back as a customer? For example, when I change Steem to ETH I can see the total I am going to get but I cannot see how much I am paying because of your fee vs how much I am getting because of the exchange rate. Bittrex and Changelly have been my choices recently because I know exactly what I am paying in the exchange rate and transaction fees.

Blocktrades is much faster than using an exchange and gives our community here the most support. I would start making exchanges again as a customer if I could see exactly what I was paying! Upvote for visibility.


Our system reports the exact exchange rate for the given input. Our estimator reports exactly how much we will give at a given time for a given amount sent. There's no fees beyond those incorporated into the final estimated amount we compute. I don't know what competitors are doing right now, but generally I think they don't show the fixed fee in their estimators although it can usually be found in their terms of service.

The algorithm we use for the our pricing is quite complicated, so there's no easy way to break out our service fee. We compute the price by first determining the price for us to buy equivalent amount of the output across a bunch of different markets. This price can be above or below coinmarketcap pricing due to available liquidity and selection of market paths we find available to us. This can often be the most significant determiner of how good a price we can offer (it even occasionally generates a negative spread for us, something we need to fix at some point). Then we subtract out the transaction fee we have to pay to send the coin. Typically this wasn't much, but it can now be a very significant cost for bitcoin outputs (and it's what inspired this post). Finally, we charge a percentage based on the particular coin input/output pair and that can be a function of how much volume we're seeing in each direction and how much of each coin we're holding at the time we receive the coin.

All the above is why we don't report some easy "percentage", it just doesn't make sense for our current pricing algorithm. It's something we may change in the future, since some people do seem more interested in the percentage rate than the bottom line.

But right now, we're mostly focused on improving our site to reduce customer support issues, as that's our biggest expense and our target market is maximal ease-of-use, low hassle service. I'm hoping we will be able to update the site in the next couple of weeks to reduce some of the most common issues we see.


Thank you very much for explaining this for our benefit here! Is it possible with your current system for a user to send a lot at once in different currencies to generate a large negative transaction given you are pulling the price from the available liquidity? For example, if someone sent 1000 SBD at the same time for ETH, LTC, BTC, Dash and a few others, would they lock in the higher exchange rate even though the liquidity might not be there?

I appreciate your response and hope what I've shared is useful to avoid getting exploited on the negative spread!


@blocktrades i promote you in Philippines tag in order to help my fellow Filipinos to there transaction using blocktrades at minimum of 16sbd...kindly see my post ..need badly your support to upvote my bring in to trending so that my fellow Filipinos will see it.please help me to promote blocktrades on ph. community here


Great tutorial Jerry!


Does blocktrades have a referral program ? I love the service but I need more clarification about fees .


I think it is not a big fees . Blocktrades is the best !


@jerrybanfield and @blocktrades. Your writing is both very useful for me as a beginner in steemit. I follow your writing both. I am from Aceh friend.


Great tip. In my mind it's better to go for Bitcoin but I forgot the transaction costs for a moment! So next time for a payout I will go for Litecoin or something.

Useful advice for sure!


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I really like your platform. Very convenient and simple. I have a question. Now our team in Ukraine has created a website for support, to help Ukrainians and not only to popularize Steemit in Ukraine. The site is still young, we are working and preparing useful content for the site. I would like to link to your site in our site as a useful resource. Is it possible?


Sorry for the delay responding. Sure, you can add a link to our site.


Very informative post thanks


wow what a animation


Agree, @majes! Sooner or later there will be an efficient and cost-effective exchange that will be worth the conversion whenever and however small amounts you want to exchange.

Thank you for the read, @blocktrades! Well needed information!


I am Resteemed bother.

on the calculator, if I put 100 SBD to exchange to BTC, does that mean that I should send 100 SBD exactly from the Steem Wallet Transfer?


No, you can send a different amount to us, that calculator is just an estimator so that you know how much we will send you for a given amount. You can always send more or less. But I recommend using the estimator with the amount you plan to send, to reduce the chance for a surprise in the amount you receive.


that is strange... i sent a small amount and got a refund by you, why?

Transfer 2.253 SBD to blocktrades c4fab5ac-4950-4e7a-b8d5-442e3403ac0a


The amount you sent was too small to pay the bitcoin transaction fee. I happened to notice the transaction had failed, so I just manually refunded it. If you really want to buy bitcoin, I would send 30 SBD or so. If you just want to go to fiat, I would use Litecoin or Ethereum as your intermediate coin instead of bitcoin now. Currently bitcoin transactions cost about $5 USD or more.


Thanks, so one more question please: is $5 the cost per bitcoin transaction (regardless the amount)?


Yes, there is a fixed bitcoin fee per transaction regardless of the amount of the transaction, and the fixed fee is currently about $5 USD. It's why I wrote this post, to warn people about this issue when buying, so they don't pay unnecessary fees.


Thanks! OMG, I wished I knew this a lot sooner.. I have wasted so much transaction fees...


The fees weren't so high in the past, but it's gone up a lot for bitcoin recently.


ok... i see. the amount is too small... thanks.

I have recently used blocktrades for the first time to buy some satoshies, and found that your service is not cheap, but is by far fastest and simplest (was on bittrex so far). I have just one suggestion. If you could, put the transaction fee in the estimation before the transaction.

Thank you very much for this beautiful option @blocktrades.


@lighteye thank you for mentioning is because I just requested the same thing. Seeing that you got not reply here, I upvoted both of our comments for visibility!


You are welcome @jerrybanfield.

I use only LTC. :)


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How you convert LTC to CZK?

LTC is also very stabile vs USD so i would go that route for small numbers :)


Yes, both Litecoin and Ethereum are good options I think, a lot depends on what exchanges are available to the Steem seller.


I have not received my bitcoin to the bitcoin address I have provided for exchange of steem yet. It's more than 6 hours now. What should I do now?


I received your email that the bitcoin did show up in your wallet, just replying here for anyone interested in the outcome.

Thank you, this is a useful reminder to check transaction fees before withdrawing.

"since just about every other coin has much cheaper transaction fees" (than Bitcoin)

This sure is a sad state of affairs for a coin that was regularly supposed to increase the block-size, given the "scaling" deadlines having passed.

Trojan Horse 3.jpg

Where is the "hero" that we never wanted?



  ·  4년 전

thanks for this helpful advice!

Yes thanks @blocktrades
I have previously had transactions as you described this.
But that is a problem in transactions, when I send steem to often late. Then the sender's side suffered a slight loss. Because at the time the transaction price has been adjusted. When the transaction process is slow, then the risk for the sender.
Thanks @blocktrades has given you new instructions.


Yes, using a faster cryptocurrency like Litecoin or Ethereum will reduce the chance for a loss (or a gain) in the value of the intermediary currency. So the faster the transaction speed of the intermediary currency, the more predictability of the final amount of fiat obtained.

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Pretty simple once you explain it like that lol

Thanks for the information!

I did this the other day from coinbase to blocktrade using bitcoin but what your saying is it would of been cheaper using ethereum or litecoin, I'll know better next time, cheers

Thanks for all your good work. I love how simple and easy it is to use @blocktrades resteemed

@blocktrades - I have always wondered about the best way to convert my Steem to Fiat. As you have correctly pointed out, the transaction fees for bitcoin are so high that I have been looking for alternate ways. So far, I could not find any suitable exchange though. I believe CEX.IO allows trading in ETH-USD. Am planning to check that out.
Am wondering if it would not be possible for Blocktrades to provide the service, at a fee, to convert SBD to USD/Euro?

Thanks for this update. It is really addressing a topic of general concern for a lot of newcomers.



We've recently started looking into what it will take for us to support sending USD/Euro. The primary issue is we will need to obtain a money transmission license and set up the necessary software to support KYC/AML requirements for such transactions.


@blocktrades - Yes - I imagine that some form of financial control authority will then get involved. That is not so good for a decentralized currency based platform but I guess if the influence is kept limited then it would be a great service for Steemians to use
I am a relative newcomer to Steemit and am still trying to learn a lot of things. Therefore, I may not understand all the issues that you experts understand but I surely appreciate all the efforts you are putting in for providing support to Steemit in various ways. Kudos.

I am so happy to be interacting with the legendary @blocktrades. Us newbies can only hope to catch a glimpse of you sometimes and count our blessings if you happen to see one of our blogs. :)
Cheers. Wish you a great day.


@blocktrades service is always impeccable @vm2904


Aren't there several exchanges trading ETH-USD and LTC USD? At least I have used Coinbase to buy ETH and LTC with Euros and it would be quite odd if they didn't have the equivalent USD pairs.

Thanks for posting. Good info.

wow good instructions

@blocktrades, I'm sure Steem would be a lot less successful without your services. I think I need wallets with litecoin or etherereum.

Thank you for the super hot tip. I will keep that in mind when I cash out one day. Not soon though. :)

Nice and easy! Thanks for the advice

I sent u guys $4.20 worth of steem and u only sent me .66 cents worth of bitcoin. U charge over 80% surcharge ? Wtf?


Try reading the post, this post was mainly written to answer such questions.


But, reading is hard. It's much easier to just comment blindly.


Dead space I read it u fucking asshole. It did not answer my question u prick


It certainly partially answered your question and the rest could have been answered if you provided more accurate info.

I decided to look up the transaction you're complaining, and here's what actually occurred:
You sent 4.049 SBD (not $4.20 worth of Steem as you said). At the time we received it, that SBD was worth 3.61 USD (according to We then sent you 0.68 USD worth of Bitcoin (again the price is coming from coinmarketcap). So what cost most of the difference between 3.61 USD and 0.68 USD? Primarily our estimated cost of the bitcoin transaction at the time of the transaction. Bitcoin transactions are extremely expensive right now, hence I wrote this post to suggest avoiding them if you're just going to fiat.

Why would anyone want fiat? 😏


Heh, well it's an unfortunate reality that we all still need some fiat. If nothing else, we need it to pay taxes.

Great post. Makes me wonder about the other direction. Been buying 25 steem power for every 75 earned, and about 10 steem power removed from my next purchase. Till now I've done so by using iDeal an supporting bitcoin exchange, using the deposit address provided by @blocktrades to make the bitcoins out to. Guess that bitcoin might also not be the most optimum intermediate curency at the moment to get from iDeal based euro deposit to steem power. Would be cool if @blocktraded could support iDeal directly, but lacking that, guess that using something like dogecoin as intermediate currency would probably be better than bitcoin aththe moment.


Stop buying.
You've already donated enough.
And also read berniesanders' post about what he calls "The Asian Scheme" and some of the replies there.
What you cash in, they cash out.

Your author and curation rewards will not cope with the expected crash in steem price. It is already down almost 50% from its highs, and not a bargain.
Dan and Ned try to liquidate their stake, but they can't do it without crashing it harder.
What you cash in, they cash out.
craig-grant is also looking for a getaway opportunity.
Look at this:

And no, it is not because poloniex like me-tarzan wants you to believe.
You should follow his blog, not his opinion and advise.
He has a good data-collecting bot.

One result of "The Asian Scheme" is the reward pool being raped as they say.


I think that compared to many other crypto currencies that are basically just monetized global warming, and fiat currency that are basically monetized debt, steem value, at least for a large part is "great content", and if people who treat it differently "pull out" while reducing the direct monetary value will in the long run also reduce the amount of voting-circle crap content and further increase the "great content" to steem market capetalisation ratio.

For me, writing fiction and self-publishing that fiction as free e-books is a hobby and at the moment steemit is helping me both fund that hobby and improve the quality of my work by allowing me to take part in the steem ecconomy. I'm giving the steemit early access to my work in progress and I am making some steem and SBD that I can than later use to solicit valuable input by running review and beta reading contests and loteries that help improve my quality of work further. And given that I believe in a great content based ecconomy, I aim for a 75% 25% split for my steem power. That is, I'm investing 25 steem power for every 75 steem power my fiction writing brings in. That really isn't a huge buy in in fiat currency terms as 75% of my investment is providing what I hope is good content to the platform.

I am hoping this makes some sense and it makes sense that people pulling out should be good for the quality of the platform in the long run. A great-content based ecconomy should be way better than a monetized global warming based ecconomy afaics and certainly better than a debt based ecconomy.


I agree with you about "monetized global warming" about Proof-of-Work, but there are also Proof-of-Stake, and Proof-of-_____ (insert other assurance mechanisms) currencies, so not all are monetized global warming.
Not every crypto is a PoW.
Regarding "the debt", I advise you hear some Warren Mosler about his Modern-Monetary-Theory.
I don't agree with everything he says, yet still he is more truthful and less misleading than the gold and silver and debt doomsday crowd.
I am for disbanding central banks in their current common model.
Cryptos are fiat as well.

I hope you will rethink my previous comment, and stop monetizing spammers that joined this platform only to take out of it.
I too joined in intention to benefit myself, and when possible and appropriate, particular (only those deserving!) others too, and putting fiat into another fiat asset that is being inflated as well, and is bound to keep plunging in value (barring a few spikes due to a few rich and dim-witted individuals) is not benefiting myself, and yes benefiting mostly the serial mass spammers, whom never put anything valuable into this place, not content-wise, not maintenance-wise, and not cash-value-wise.
They only overload the blockchain and make its maintenance impossible sooner than without them.
Have your work backed up, make your public profiles at other portals visible, so your few real followers can find you once this one goes lights out, and please consider stopping monetizing pyramid schemes and monetized spamming, even if you think you can afford it.

Oh, and George Donnelly , a fiction writer like you, and a former steemian with quite a bit knowledge about it changed his mind about it from enthusiastic to dismissive.
Just watch how much content he uploaded to youtube about it, so I bet he could tell you why it is bad.
He is very nice and responsive, so you should find the point where he changed his mind, and if you have question left after then, he probably will tell you why it's bad.

And recently I read that both jerrybanfield and I think blocktrades or another user recommended using Ethereum or LiteCoin as an intermediate instead of BTC, due to lower transaction fees, but stopping wasting your cash is still better than wasting it more efficiently.


It's quite possible you could get a better deal in the other direction as well, as you suggest.

I would like to be as influential as you friend to support the growing community of Latin America, I would like to have more steem power :(

Woooo.. that is take long

Tried a couple of options incl. BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP. Most efficient seems to be Litecoin. Cheapest and fastest.

hey i transferred some steem to you but i didn't received any bitcoin in my wallet

I change my btc to steem use blokctrades side and i shared tutorial in my post for new steemian, how they can exchange bitcoin to steem or steem power

I love your service and use it for my daily transactions with bitshares...keep it up

@blocktrades Could you please add bitUSD in "Receive" column using SBD/bitUSD pair? Thank so much!

I have not understood the basic differences of the two crypto currencies, after you post this, I will try to study ETH (ethereum), thanks @blocktrades for the info, I @muhammadikbal liked your post

Yes you are right @blocktrades, ETH is more effective (faster and easier and also cheaper) ..
I think that's it.
I will try it, after reading your writing, i become more sure.

Thank you @blocktrades ! It's an awesome post! but I have a question :
What's make the transaction fees increase or decrease? is it the price of the coin? Why we can't have like a stable transaction fees even if the price of a coin fluctuates ?


The bitcoin transaction fee varies for two reasons: 1) the price of bitcoin itself, because the fee is paid in bitcoin and 2) the amount of bitcoin to pay the fee isn't really a flat fee. The way bitcoin works, miners who create the next bitcoin block only have a certain amount of space in the block to fit transactions.

Nowadays, due to the number of bitcoin transactions being created, a miner can't usually fit all the current pending transactions into the next block so they prioritize the transactions they put into their block based on the fee paid by the transaction (because the miner gets the fees for all the transactions he can include in his block). So if you want your transaction to be processed quickly (i.e. to be included in the next bitcoin block), you can tell your wallet to pay a higher fee and increase the likelihood of your transaction being one of the lucky ones to get into the very next block. But it's essentially a competition between all the other people doing bitcoin transactions, so there's no guarantee about how much you should pay as a fee to get your transaction processed as soon as possible.

To travel STEEM to Bitcoin only takes 30-60 minutes. It's already 12 hours more, but the deposit has not gone into my bitcoin account @blocktrades. Explanation please.

and also thank you for your upvote like 3 weeks ago!! love you long time for that !! keep it up


I also see it that way, I also keep it some ETH for future investment, this information makes me more confident for ETH

@blocktrades is very dependable. And @blocktrades is an active upvoter of mega whale proportions on steemit. I much prefer @blocktrades. I used them the other day and everything went very smoothly.

Thank you @blocktrades for your services to the steemit community.

Great information here. Resteemed and upvoted.

Nice tip. since we started building BeScouted on steem blockchain we are looking for ways how to make the process more simple for our users that are not very tech to get their fiat in case they want to cash out. We are even thinking of doing conversion to fiat directly from our platform if it is possible. Simplifying such thing would certainly increase steem blockchain popularity. As Creating an exchange account to withdraw 20-50 EUR does not look attractive to many people who are not into crypto that much. nice advice though i will be using it. Just do not know when as i have no plans for cashing out anytime soon.

I agree with you @bloctrades, ETH increasingly shine to compete with bitcoin, a very useful post for us beginners, to invest, thank you.

THank you for sharing this <3

While BTC is the most common middleman for conversion to fiat, other currencies like Litecoin and Ethereum (as you pointed out) have a lower fees and also can resolve themselves faster. It is good to have you being transparent about this on Steemit and open to community about how best to use your platform.

Thanks for the good advice on a more money efficient way of cashing out.

Why sbd from blocktrades to bitcoin has not been processed yet when i convertt gl 8/15/2017 5:19 PM 50 SBD 0.00946241 BTC....tq master @blocktrades

Bitcoin is like gold, high price and not moving lol

Hello @blocktrades , I made the mistake of passing SBD to BTC a few months ago. In small amount it is not profitable .Bittrex charged me 100,000 satoshis and that was to lose 3 or 4 dollars, apart the BTC exchanger of my country charged a commission to deposit dollars in my local currency.

Now I change it to Dogecoin and just Bittrex charges me 2 Doge (almost nothing) and those Doges I sell via paypal. Before I pass SBD to BTC, then BTC to Doge.

I am still looking to pass directly SBD to paypal, or SBD to bank account in Peru.

Thanks for your explanation.

Bereh that info droe neuh peugah hy @blocktrades eukk, lage lam kapai are.
Nyoe kan ku tuleh nyoe koen pu laen, nyoe ku meuharap meurumpok persen bacut bak so yang na keumudahan, jadi nyoe komen lon numpang jak siat, meuah beuh, bek neukira apam syara beh, trimoeng geunaseh ube kapai, mnyoe awak blah deh kheun thank you very much, nyan ban :)

@Blocktrades getting in front...

We are not familiar with the word bitcoin, but do not forget the current crypto competition is heating up, one of which ETH, which will be a bitcoin heavy competitors in the future, I really agree with you @blocktrades.

What are your thoughts about Coinbase as it has all 3 of the mentioned currencies? Would you suggest any other wallets when I want to convert my Steem?


Coinbase is fine I think. I don't use it much myself, but I think it's a popular choice for US traders going back and forth to fiat. And I would definitely use either LTC or ETH over BTC for such transfers in and out of Steem on coinbase.


Sounds good, I'll keep rolling with coinbase, even with the minor bugs. I appreciate the advice!

Very good to know. Thank you for posting this.

Thank you blocktrades for making steemit worthwhile. Conversion of steem to btc is now a breeze

HHHHHH i think that the real reason behind this is the high price of BTC today >4000$$$$ so Mr @blocktrades want to keep some btc to exchange it later with a higher revenue due to the fact that STEEM/SBD prices has decreased lately .....just a point of view don't take personally.


It's also an indirect tip for those who are investing in Bitcoin: Send in a lot of Steem/SBD at one time, instead of small amounts, because then they only have to pay the bitcoin transaction fee once instead of each time.


It's more I get tired of explaining to new customers why we have to charge so much of what they send in or why we can't send anything out at all when they send in 1 Steem or SBD. I deal with it every day, and it's become a bit tedious. I can understand their concern and I'm hoping that a post like this that can be shared with new Steemit users to reduce the confusion/support issues (and save our customers some money too: we don't profit from those bitcoin fees, they just go to the bitcoin miners).


Why would someone send in 1 steem or SBD? It seems foolish to me- but what do I know???


It's usually one of two reasons: 1) they just don't have much Steem/SBD (i.e. a new user) or 2) they are trying to send a "test amount" to check if our service is reliable before sending larger amounts. Both seem to be common occurrences.


I wait until I have enough to cash in. I only have about $50 in my wallet now (not enough). I haven't tried blocktrades yet, I just signed up today. I appreciate the upvote the other day on my story- so I'd rather see you get the fees than Bittrex.

I agree with you @blocktrades, with the rapid development of ETH, it is not impossible that in the future they will be widely known like bitcoin, I am @muhammadfajarm very interested to invest, very useful info @blocktrades, I will resteem. thanks.

Thank so much @blocktrades, you have the most outstanding exchange I ever used. It simple yet reliable, almost 0% fees.

Hello.. i'm huda and i really like the way you guide. Please vote my posts and support me i'm new on steemit and really need your support.

thats cleaver using a cheaper coin as middle man bitcoin network has to much work anyway. Thats good for miners but not so good for the simple users.


Thanks for the post - will follow your directions. Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you for the Article doc

thanx to share this sure we will try it now

So nice information for the new users like me @krpawarssc
I'm new but hopefully one day I will withdraw lot of money from here using my blog
Thanks @blocktrades
Keep it up

Hello blocktrades. I am a new member of steemit
I come from aceh province - indonesia. If you still remember the 2004 Tsunami, then that's where I come from.
I read your post with the title "How to convert Steem / SBD to USD / Euro more efficiently"
You explain in detail and complete the transaction with bitcoin or sell steam to for Bitcoin (BTC) and how to buy Litecoin or Ethereal from BlockTrade.
I admit currently understanding how trading can not and yet I started because I have to focus first on how to make a good post and true. But by reading your post I am motivated to learn and start trading by putting aside a little money from my work. And your posts help me to learn how to trade.

Best regards from @sipildanarsitek

THX!!! Very cool article!!!

well it is good we exchnge all 7 good coins on blocktrades

Thank you for the information! I'm going to do it that way

thanx sir to share this exchange with us hope it will be good for us and all steemians than others @blocktrades sir

Thanks For Read :)
To read my future writng please follow my account.. follow me at @nikunjo

Thank you very much for your information and helps a lot..

Would it be feasible for Blocktrades to get a merchant account with PayPal and sell Steem directly without the need for 2 conversions? That way they can accept credit cards and all sorts of payments without the need for any of the Government overseers and we can buy Steem directly without the need for a 3rd party exchange and its wallet. The product you would be selling is Steem. I know it would be only a 1-way street, but for those who would buy and hold, this would be a good, simple option and would likely increase the value of Steem overall because of the many new investors who are put off by the convoluted current method of purchasing Steem.


In a more logical world, everything you said above would be true (indeed this is how I thought it would be regulated, since if they don't consider cryptocurrency as money, it seems like you would only be a money transmitter if you send money to people who send you cryptocurrency). But from what I can tell from after multiple readings of some extremely difficult to understand "guidance" put out by fincen, I believe they require a money transmitter license to even sell cryptocurrency for dollars as a business (I think it's ok for individuals to make personal trades without a license, just not when you do it as a business).


Well, so much for that idea then!

What I have to say has no relevance to this post at all, but since this is the newest post I have put it on it.

I chose SBD to Dogecoin first, but then deposited Steem. This happened again but with me sending SBD for ETH, is there some way to get this steem back? not much but just wondering.


I refunded your Steem. Btw, best way to contact us normally is via email.


Thank you so much! Sorry about that, I thought maybe this would get a response quicker but if I have a problem I'll be sure to email. Thanks

great post , thank for sharing

I will be using blockades which is good.

Yes, thanks for exposure in articles that are very profitable to the community, I will try to translate or appointment to a friend who asks about the transaction at @blocktrades

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Excellent information

In my experience, your service has some of the highest fees when I exchange my SBD for bitcoin and have it sent to my debit card. Poloniex has the lowest, but isn't always the best in other areas like customer support.

I like your ease of use, but your fees are too high for me.


Poloniex is subsidizing the cost for the bitcoin transaction fees at this point (although I would guess they will change it once they really notice how much they are losing on them), so if you were exchanging to bitcoin from Steem, you probably did get a better rate, especially if you didn't account for the withdrawal fee that they charged when you remove your bitcoin from the exchange. More significantly, however, their steem wallet is down more than it is up lately, so I have to wonder how many trades you're making this way.


I'll give you the downtime point 😁 They are certainly losing customer support on that front. I didn't know about the fee situation, but as long as they are willing to subsidize it to save the customers, I'll use them when I can, though I know that's iffy lately


@blocktrades is very dependable. And @blocktrades is an active upvoter of mega whale proportions on steemit. I much prefer @blocktrades. I used them the other day and everything went very smoothly.


I've had trouble with timing and fees. If I try to transfer directly to my Bitpay card, it never goes through fast enough, and as I explained above, the fees are higher than others. I'm not shit-talking or anything. Just my experience


I have a problem in my account has become very weak what should I do @ blocktrades

Delegate me your steem power @blocktrades 💶💵💷💸💴💰💎💎💎

Paid you in emoji money

WOW its been 2 months since tghe last @blocktrades post! Thisis RARE! And your post should go to $500 now!

I notcie ur oldpots u decline payout (Cuz u probly believe ur making so much already maybe?)
Buyt I belive you should not decine payout, u need to mke some money posting to pay for upgrades to your service! WE NEED to add EOS to it I made a post about EOS and asked if blocktrdes could think about adding EOS and al the other coins u can get on bitshares

ALSO could blocktrades open their own Steem Debit card maybe for US membrs? or could we have a way for Blocktrades to be built into the steemitw allet like I believe it used to have, or have a pop up window, i know we used to not have the 'sell" button, just a buy button, very gratefulf or th sel button, makes my job or taching beginners a lot easier!

anyay we really need a system for people who have NO IDEA or Desire to learn bitcoin, to allow people to just sell steem for CASH maybe to other local steemit users OR have someone depost cash in their bank account or use paypal or venmo etc it must be easy for hnew users to cash out if they want to, to attract nw users to steemirt who dont know bout bitcoin etc

abyway i ee a lOT of potential for blocktradesto ofer more coins!
I was wondering, do u really make a lot off your serrvice? U deserve evry peny i am just hoping that it is inded quite profitable becauyse its INSPIRINg to me that someone coud make a service like this and basically set up an automated business all sofftware!

Thanks for the info, am a long way away from planning on selling any Steem but its good info to have

awesome info. appreciate the support to make trading easier and less expensive :) Thanks!

Helpful tips I must confess

Good advice. I used @blocktrades to buy Steem with the Litecoin I had. Litecoin is recommended for speed and low transaction fees!

@blocmtrades ... Thank You ... This article is very helpful to me in understanding how to sell steam that I've got.... And this article easily guides me as well as other steemian

Alot of BlockTrades' customers who want to get USD or Euros will sell their Steem to for Bitcoin (BTC), then sell their BTC on an exchange that supports fiat (USD/Euro) withdrawals. In principal, this is an OK methodology, but due to the high price of Bitcoin and the resulting increase in the transaction fee charged by the Bitcoin network, this isn't the most efficient way to convert your Steem to fiat dollars.

If you can find an exchange where you can sell either Litecoin or Ethereum for fiat, it's cheaper to buy Litecoin or Ethereum from BlockTrades, then sell those coins for fiat on the exchange, because the transaction fee charged by these networks is much, much lower.

Regard Steemian From Aceh Province (Indonesia)


Hi @blocktrades
Wow! Great post! Interested information.

I always convert my btc to litecoin when sending to cad exchanges, ltc is fast and very reliable right now!!

You're absolutely right. Bitcoin is slow and very costly for the small guy. ETH is way faster and cheaper. Great info


thanks for this helpful Info

Gracias muy buena información , porque cuando es muy poco salimos perdiendo los pescaditos!!! @blocktrades to the moon

Thanks for the service.
Very simple to use BlockTrades.
Resteemed !

Smart and goood tips, @blocktrades

Great point. Love your exchange as well!

thank you resteemed

You learn something everyday! seems on steem you learn really good stuff! Thanks @blocktrades

I really liked reading this post and give new insights. It is important to read.

How are you @blocktrades?

Great info! Does anyone have a link to the article that tells me how to convert etherium or litecoin into fiat currency ^_^


It's essentially the same process as converting bitcoin to fiat. You find a cryptocurrency exchange that can handle fiat and Ethereum/Litecoin, then sell your coin there. Common exchanges that do this are Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, etc. The specifics of how to place a sale differs slightly for every exchange, although it's a fairly similar process on each one.

If one does 1000 SBD at one time , is the suggestion you have made above, still valid?
Thank You for the information.


For large transactions, it's not necessarily true, because in such cases the fixed cost of paying the bitcoin transaction fee isn't as much of the overall cost for the transaction and price spreads could start to matter more. For such cases, the choice between the three coins is probably mostly irrelevant for price, but the speed advantage for Litecoin and Ether would still be there.


Thank You, so much. resteemed.

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information @blocktrades! Especially for a newbie like me it's great to see this kind posts. Upvoted and followed.

nice post bro but u can tell me how to incerase my steem power

given upvote and comment to your post do same for me

This is some great information!

Learning something new every day. Thanks

Really informative and honest evaluation by blocktrades themselves!!

Thanks! You have put a smile on my day! Cheers!

Thanks for the great post

This is great post, I just made my first transaction yesterday to bittrex, I took a couple of SBD and buy some currencies, but I always asked myself hot to transform it into u$d, in the case I wanted to. I'm gonna keep this as a tutorial for that, thanks again @blocktrades, always providing us with what we need to know.

Looking forward to using this in the future.

Hello @blocktrades, i'm @mukhtar.juned steemit lover from aceh indonesia, thanks for your sharing.

I've been using this app

Thanks for info @rogerblu please follow and upvote thanks

this what i was looking for convert steem to euro thank u so much

Greetings Mr. Blocktrades. This is Lord Vader's executive assistant Vera. I'm not sure if you heard but I happen to be the bee's knees.

Lord Vader is very busy with a special mission ( he's actually golfing but don't tell him I told you). He asked that I drop a dime and give you a jingle.

He was wondering if you received the private transition he sent you. He said that he asked if you would... let me make sure I quote him directly...

"Join him in ruling the steemit platform together." (He's very dramatic).

On a personal note, thank you for providing Lord Vader the means to convert his steem into other currencies so he can pay into the Force Choke Jar I got him. He's cut down on his Force Choking by at least 8%.

Have a Force-filled day!

Thank you for your clarification

Please also tell me-- suppose I Convert $10 worth of SBD to Bitcoin via Blocktrades, what is the exact percentage or amount of Fee in Dollars?

Same Question for Litecoin..

An answer to this would really Help

Thank you.

Looking forward to your response :)


There's no simple answer, it's a bunch of different factors: 1) relative cost and volume of offers for coins on different exchanges we use as price sources, 2) spread in price, 3) transaction fee to send coin. That's why our web site provides an estimator that computes all these factors and reports the "bottom line". In other words, it tells you exactly how much output coin you will get for the input coin if we received the input coin at that moment in time.


Just to put this into perspective, using a commercial "price reporting" web site like, sometimes our system makes trades in which we lose money (a negative fee) as far as those price reporting sites are concerned.


Thank you... I actually love your service regardless of the fees.

because I like Simplicity

and your site is the Simplest to get SBD converted to BTC/LTC and other Coins

Bravo !!!

Thank you ver much for posting this very helpful information! It will be very helpful in the future when or if i start making steem :).

Please make an article on how to cope on steemit for us newbie

Wow! This is one of the greatest information have got about transaction with steem and other coins. Thanks so much @blocktrades

great post thanks

Why, the process from blocktrades to bitcoin wallet is very long, .no constraint what? Or takes 1 or 2 hours of its process ... tq.


We try to optimize the cost we have to charge our customers for bitcoin purchases. Sometimes this means it takes longer for the bitcoin to arrive. Also it seems that over the past few days there's been a lot more fluctuation in the times it takes for bitcoin transactions to get processed, probably a result of the rapid price rise.


tq....Sorry .. it took a day

@blocktrades, Would this method also work if I use a btc/ltc ATM. I should cash out in litecoin at my local ATM? I noticed they added it. Either way thanks for the info.


I think there's a good chance that litecoin will be cheaper, but you would have to try it to know for sure.


Thank you I will give it a try next time. Great post, your information is very useful. Thank you.

This is great information, i am very new to steemit so i haven't made enough money to really warrant a withdrawal yet... not much sense in withdrawing the 2.72 i have in my account. However, i'm going to keep at it and keep posting because i enjoy it and i'll certainly try this method when or if i have enough balance to withdrawal. Keep up the great content, i've liked and resteemed

I thank you I need this information


Hi @blocktrades, thanks for such a useful post! :D
just to let you know, I followed you and voted you as my witness. I am quite new here and I would also appreciate if you could comment on what you think of my last post :)

Does this advice also apply to GBP, British pounds? Do you have a guide on how to convert from steem to Litecoin / Ethereum and then to fiat currency? Thanks


Yes, the same would be true for GBP, assuming you can find an exchange that goes from Litecoin/Ether to GBP. I believe does, for example. To find a guide, do a search on steemit like "blocktrades tutorial", several people have posted both written and video tutorials about how to do the conversion.

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Really nice info. thanks for sharing

Excellent advice and most appreciated! This is the free market at work and yet another good reason to have competing cryptocurrencies. Thank you for sharing this!

Altcoin could slide 20 percent if Bitcoin reaches $ 5,000 in the near future, as I believe the BTC price growth remains above $ 4,000.

Bitcoin precisely outperformed the majority of altcoin, even Ethereal (ETH) is struggling to show significant growth


Such price swings are relatively irrelevant for the case I'm discussing: I'm talking about cases where people want to get USD/Euro/etc for their Steem. In such cases, the relatively short holding time for ETH or Litecoin before they swap it for fiat should be small enough that a price change isn't likely to impact the final amount of fiat currency they receive.

This is great information!
Lot of people are trying to figure some of this out, thanks to people like you, who help with good information such as this, that's what I love about steem!!!

Great advice, thank you.

I'm resteeming this too!

This was very helpful information for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!

  ·  4년 전

Informative give you vote

good tutorial, thanks for sharing

i recently sent 2 SBD into bitcoin and it gotten eaten up and I received nothing :(

is it better to convert into STEEM first? and then send over to Bittrex.
I think what you're saying is to wait until you obtain a large amount.


If your goal is to buy bitcoin, yes, wait until you have a large amount. If your final goal is dollars, I would use ETH or Litecoin as the intermediary currency instead of Bitcoin: you'll save on transaction fees and the transaction will happen faster.


thanks so much!


Thanks for the information I'm just getting started in the ways of steemit and altcurrency.

what is the best and easiest way for a noob to buy steem on blocktrades or another site?

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Very informative!

Very knowledgeable post. Thank you!

Well it is a good platform for Steemians :)

Nicely explained in full details thanks a ton very helpful

thanks for the info, it will come in handy when am ready to cash some STEEM out....

The route to financial progress; this article.

Great infio

best way to convert SBD:
SBD to Steem to Steem Power and keep it there :D

Good info sharing... Thanks and keep posting...

This was really helpful because i am still new here on steemit kindly check out my posts I need your support guys plus I just followed and upvoted thanks.