Stake-weighted poll for two versions of Steem Proposal System

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This purpose of this post is to poll Steemians and get a stake-weighted opinion of two versions of the Steem Proposal System:

  • A proposal system that only receives funds from donations.
  • A proposal system that receives funds from donatations and ALSO receives funds by redirecting from existing inflation sources (no new inflation would be added to the system).

I've created a comment below for each alternative: vote for the one you prefer if you have a preference. As this is a only an approximate stake-weighted vote, your opinion will be "stronger" if you vote with your full voting power (e.g. 100% vote vs 10% vote).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add any other comments to this post. If you do, I will downvote it to prevent it from obscuring the two choices. Instead, arguments for and against the two choices can be made in comments on this post:

I recommend reading the arguments "for" and "against" on that post's comments before casting your vote here.

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I prefer a proposal system that receives funds from donatations and ALSO receives funds by redirecting from existing inflation sources (no new inflation would be added to the system).


ALl witness are voting this option because they will not pay anything all burden on authors even authors in steemit are poors they pay to buy upvote then even not getting free upvotes i bet if this system implement steem will be down more


What would stop users from using bid bots on these comments? Is that a weakness for @dpoll as well? Hopefully not because it is really nice to see decisions voted on using simple comment system within steem.


In general, nothing stops it, although it's not super difficult for me to manually discount such votes, so it would result in people wasting their money on the bid bot. But, you're correct, as a general mechanism for making stake-weighted decisions it suffers from a lot of problems (probably the most serious is that delegations change the result vs the true stake-weighted vote which determines witness).

I mostly ran this poll to see if there was a "clear winner", but it seems there wasn't.

So the only way to resolve the issue appears to build the proposal system first, then use it to make true stake-weighted decisions about funding sources.

As a side note of possible interest, I believe BitShares has used their proposal system to run polls where the proposal didn't involve any real monetary awards, but where it was instead used just for stake-weighted polling purposes only.

Isn't it obvious that we should attempt pure donations first and then try for more aggressive forms of funding if it's warranted?

The Steemit account still has 35 million coins left and sits at 100% voting power. Can we expect that funding might come from this source?


Ha this is a somewhat messed up situation. This comment isn't supposed to be here but I can't delete it and it keeps getting auto upvoted by bots. I guess it just shows that users need far more control over their blogs. @steempeak is headed in the right direction.


What reason could there be for @steemit not to upvote active users on a regular schedule? I would love a few upvotes for being an active user.

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I prefer a system which only receives funds from donations, which, if needed, could be augmented later by funds from inflation. First we should see how pure donations works out, then maybe add inflation.

I prefer a system which only receives funds from donations.

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