Promised Paradise (Poem), Written by @nachomolina

Author: @nachomolinasrc

Promised Paradise

"Surrounded by oak and light blue,
Lying on dry leaves,
We breathed the pure air,
To the beat of the trill and the translucent spring..."

Promise me paradise!
I heard her say that time;
While stroking the gold of his amulet
Dressed in white, between silk and satin

I told:

"The more we have, the more we want
I invite you to put aside the paradigms,
Love flows as a source
And it's the only treasure that keeps growing..."

And she told me about of pearl and sapphire;
Of not wanting to touch the ground with his feet,
I would only sleep among rose petals!
Promise me paradise! She say me again and again...

Staring at her

I thought:

"Only a blind man could fall on his precipice,
Vanity is a stumbling block
Where everything sinks and nothing can emerge"

...And she continued, with the theme of a palace
Framed by diamonds,
Carpets to the edge of his steed, cheers, bondage
And a red apple, which we could bite...

Promise me paradise! It's the only thing I want!
Incessantly repeated, again and again...

"Now, I invited her to look at the sky
And watch the shapes around you change
There are no time limits here!
Everything is possible when you make a place for Love"

You and I, we are full of life,
Sheltered by nature and protected by the hand of God.
Paradise, was already promised,
Don't let thorns grow between the two...

Open your eyes now,
And let go of Vanity;
Remember!, that only a drowned man can take it,
Because he can't drown again...

"This goes for when you lack air,
When you no longer see the colors that adorn you
Gold is not the only thing that shines
You and I are Light, Hope and we carry the seed inside..."

Promise me paradise!
I heard you say sometime;
I could only remind you, that Love exists,

And as for paradise!;

...we are all part of him



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