CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes

2년 전

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing, vote for them as Witness here

Last year about this same date, we launched the second series of The @blocktrades December contests and they were a success with more than 500 Steemians joining.

Now, it´s contest season Steemians, we will host one contest per week until we reach 2019 with several hundreds of Steem in Prizes.

How was your year? Was it full of experiences as the travel nomads here on Steem? Did you tried tens of different dishes and recipees like the Steemian foodies around here? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? How about that long overdue holiday you took? That date you wanted to have with the beautiful neighbour maybe? Did you retire from work? Did you go to Steemfest?

Disclaimer: I´m copy/pasting most of last year´s contest rules and requirements since we did such a good job last year (Insert sad self high five here). If you want to check out last seaons´s contest and entries,
click here for the 2017 one and for the 2018 one click here

This week´s subject is "achievements and failures".

I know, such negativity including the word failures in the title, right? Well, as I said in a previous post, life is a rollercoaster and in order to be thankful for the good things, sadly there must be bad things. There is nothing wrong in accepting some years are tougher than others, perhaps writing about it can help us cope with it.

So, starting right now, you can write about this subject and you have until next wednesday(Dec, 18th) at 23:59 PST to submit your entry. Right after we announce the winners, we will announce the next subject for the contest.

A few requirements for submiting your entry

  • The title must be "My 2019: Achievements and Failures - If you want to add something extra do it here"

Example: My 2018: Achievements and Failures - How I became a cosplayer by getting out of my comfort zone.

  • For your entry you can make a video, you can write a text as a first person POV, you can do a photo album with descriptions, WHATEVER you think of, you can use it to participate. Just remember, no plagiarism, please.

  • Use the tag "blocktradescontest" and "my2019" so the judges can browse the entries easierly.


  • Please do not post a Link to your entry in the comment section, the judges will not check out the comments, they will browse the tag.

  • The entry must be in english because most of the judges speak english, sorry for not making it multilanguage but that would make it very hard for the judges to assess the winners.

  • Resteem this post. I know, I ask for resteem a lot lately but, these kind of contests are aimed to reach the most Steemians we can, so everyone who wants to join finds out about it.

Blocktrades and OCDB be voting on every entry with a different percentage depending on how much I like it (yeah, it's subjective) and, in order to avoid being biased, there will be a set of 3-5 judges that I´ll announce soon and they´ll decide the posts deserving the precious Steem, let´s hope the market price behaves better next week :D

The prize will be divided as follows:

  • 1st place: 100 Steem
  • 2nd place: 70 Steem
  • 3rd place: 30 Steem

So, how was your year, Steemian? Are you ready to start recaping?

The funds for the prizes will come directly from the earnings of this post, so if you like this idea, give it a little vote!

Remember this is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing, vote for them as Witness here

I am part of @ocd-witness, if you like what I'm doing, vote for them as Witness here

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Awesome! Its that time of year already? I will share in @naturalmedicine tribe. I am sure we will be flooded with entries on Steem!


Ah great man, yes let's try and bring as many people as we can to join in this contest, I appreciate the effort amigo :)

  ·  2년 전

Hi! I'll visit the interesting @naturalmedicine.


YOu'll be very welcomed

  ·  2년 전

Thanks a lot,@riverflows

I made this gif, I hope you like it, greetings @anomadsoul

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This is a great gif! Do you think you'll be able to include the legend "A @blocktrades sponsored contest" like in the 2018 one? If so, we would definitely use this one and give credit on every post :)
Thanks so much!


Of course I can make that change and put it as you need it would be a pleasure to help

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Will it be fine?

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You missed out a letter in blocktrades :(

High five for doing a great job, but please change "my2018" to "my2019" as some people will copy blindly :) lol


Ahaha great catch! I proofread but missed that one, thanks! I hope you join this one!


Lol, these things happen. Just thought I should point it out ;)
Yes, I will join! :)

@blocktrades & @anomadsoul I did that finally. I hope you will enjoy my post, video and especially the thumbnail. lol


  ·  작년

nice picture language....

Thank you so much @anomadsoul and to @blocktrades for arranging this contest for which I could at least express a little bit of my feelings.

What if there have been all failures and no achievements?

my biggest failure is allowing acidyo to get delegators to ocdb for upvotes that he uses to do downvotes

still making my entry. I hope I can submit it before the deadline

Thank you, @blocktrades & @anomadsoul for the chance to reflect on this eventful, even decisive, year!

I’ve posted my reflections —-The Good, The Bad & The Unspeakable—- following your rules, above, & using suggested tags.

I do hope that you will enjoy the read and that it might inspire others 🙏🏼✨



Thanks for this opportunity to talk more on our Year successes and bad moment as well. I Will be Participating with Videos. How many entry person?

Thanks 😊

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A gif:

greetings @Anomadsoul

Resteemed. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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i'm ready to participate in it

The timing of this contest is perfect. I was in the process of drafting a post about some of the significant things that had occurred in the past couple of weeks. Coming across this post has made me revise the post to reflect on 2019.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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@giphy curate 100

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

#sbi-skip !trdo


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Thanks for organizing this great initiative man ! I'm in !

Will be posting my entry soon !

Wishing you a Rockin 2020 ahead and a Merry Christmas too !

Greetings From India :)

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Hola anomadsoul. Este concurso está prometedor. Me parece muy bonito ir en retrospectiva en la vida y proyectar el futuro en función de los errores que son los que al final nos permiten aprender.

Resteemed. I've made a post about this, hopefully it can be found and I've shared it on Twitter. God bless you sir @anomadsoul for this great initiative, and big thank for @blocktrades.

It's a great contest. I remember participating in it last year and I will for sure this year as well. Thanks for organizing it.

Another great initiative, I am just way to sharing my entry. Resteemed.

Thanks for arrange this contest, i really excited for join this . @blocktrades thanks for arrange ❤

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Thank you amigo Shuvo, don't forget to share it with your communities so more people join in!

This would be amazing! Will it only be available for this week? I don't usually join in this kind of competition, but this one really looks great and interesting.

I only have 2 days left, I'll see what I can do

Thank you!

Grateful for the opportunity to participate @anomadsoul, greetings and successes.

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@anomadsoul, I have an entry for the contest this week but I don't have a Twitter account and don't intend to get one. I can share from an inactive rescue account or a defunct author account, but nothing will be accomplished by this. I may be able to get someone else to share a Twitter post for me. Would that suffice?

hii my friend, post done!
Im very glad for this contest

  ·  2년 전

Hi! A very nice contest. Thanks for sharing @anomadsoul
(Please, excuse me if you find some mistakes. Writing in English is not easy to me.)

I missed this... 🤦 told myself to come up with a post for this contest but then it's not done yet...

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