Tell Us About Yourself And Win A Ticket To Steemfest

2년 전

Here's your chance to win a ticket to SteemFest 3 and accommodations in Krakow, Poland. This contest is sponsored by @blocktrades and @openmic and has been extended to give people more time to enter.

This is not a singing contest. All you have to do is record yourself talking about some topics!

To enter this contest you need to make a video of yourself talking about a few things.

  • Tell us about yourself. The real person behind the Steemit username. After all, if you win, we'll be meeting in person in less than 3 months.

  • Your story on Steemit. When did you join, why, how etc. How do you engage with the community, what do you do on a daily basis on Steemit or any of the other DApps.

  • Why do you want to attend? SteemFest and what can you add to the community by attending.

  • And the most important part ... Tell us the direction you would like to see Steemit move towards. The idea is to record yourself telling your fellow Steemians what you want Steem to become and how do you think that can help that reality come true.

  • Once you made your recording, upload it to DTube, YouTube, or Vimeo (NOT DLIVE) then post it on your blog. Add any other pics or storyline you would like to include on your blog.

We'll pick the best responses and announce the winner.

How to enter your video

It is very important to say the words "Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway" AND YOUR USERNAME at the beginning of your recorded video. Posts without those words spoken in the beginning of your live, recorded video do not qualify for the prize.


1.- The Title of your post must be "My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway"

2.- Include a link to this post.

3.- Only one entry per person.

4.- You have to use these 3 tags in this order
"blocktradescontest" "openmic" and "openmicsteemfest" plus any other 2 tags you want

5.- The deadline extension is Sunday September 2nd at 18:00 UTC. So you have until then to submit your entry. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered to go through the next phase. find your UTC time here

6.- Resteem this post.

Here Are The Valid Entries So Far

Videos made on DTube or DLive cannot be show in this post and you need to click the links below to see them. Those made on YouTube are shown below

Again, this is not a music contest. This is a video about you so this entry is not valid for this contest.

My Entry For The Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Giveaway --- by @betamusic

My Entry For The Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway --- by @ylich

Nnh09Yof --- by @joseacabrerav

This is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as a witness here



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I had to participate so I made my entry. Here it is. I hope I can receive some feedback. Thanks for motivating us to share more about us. Greetings and good luck to everyone!

great opportunity

ill do this once i get home. thanks @blocktrades would love to attend this event and attend.

Thanks again for putting this on guys! Glad that it was extended as well, some great entries have been coming out the last few days! So great to see ❤️

Here is my entry:

I used DLive for my entry, reason why dlive tags were first and second


That's why the post rules said to use DTube, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Thanks again for the contest. This is such a great opportunity! and I hope more peeps join this week. Resteemed for more visibility. ❤


Thanks for the resteem.

Nice contest, this post is featured on my daily news (in Chinese) today :D


I’ve been so busy lately, damn. I need to enter this contest myself too. Tomorrow I’ll make a video hopefully!

a gd chance

is this contest still on please???

Oh best of luck to all the entrants. I know a few entering this contest. Its going to be a hard choice

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Yeah, I just participated, I hope I will win. lol But I will be happy about anyone who will win. ☺

Thanks a lot for this awesome giveaway, it's really amazing, here is my entry ☺ :

my entry is coming soon. Video is kinda large

Oh no!!!!
See how a bad phone ruined my chance of attending the steemfest...please @luzcypher is there a chance I could still attend if I send in my entry?

I saw it too late :(