My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway


Hi to all, this is my post from this awesome contest:

Hi to all, I am Nahu Padilla @nahupuku, musician & artist from Caracas, Venezuela, South America and this its my video:


My Music Bio Posts in Steemit @nahupuku:

My Shamanic Guitar:

My Bio Post:

My first Openmic entrance, the #72 - February 14, 2017:

My mostly comented and listened Openmic entrance, the #82:

My Voices of Openmic Video about my personal experience in Steemit Openmic:

Others musics posts with my original music videos:

My foundation labor for help others here in my country Venezuela:


And Im a part of YAH team @youarehope and @thealliance team too



My New PukuMusic Trilogy Posts:

Just reciently I create 3 songs for Steemit, OpenMic #100, PitchPerfect #31 and , so here its the videos, posts and links:

First Song: My house is on fire and I'm a squirrel

Uploaded in my Youtube Channel Puku

Deseo (al menos hoy / I wish (at least today).

My Openmic #101 - "Deseo (al menos hoy / I wish (at least today)" original song:

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Me encanta tu post !! un abrazote y mis mejores deseos !!


aww muchas gracias por tus palabras y tus buenos deseos! bendiciones :D y pukusaludos! ;)

Very good post, entry and presentation my friend. All the luck for you to win the Steem Fest ticket giveaway. :)

Now, Sweeten your life a little mi pana. !pancakes };)


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:D thanks a lottt my bro! very glad that you can watch the post and the video! :D thanks! :D yummy


@por500bolos, your pancakes are ready!

This is a very good entry, @nahupuku. It is so cool knowing a bit more about you. I am also a person who likes to experiments with art. I have made a bit of craft working also. As you, I enjoy very much sharing with other people what I love, as music, art. I also believe in the power of good vibration, high frequencies of thinking and everything. Good luck, buddy. I just share my entry too.


Graacias :D que lindas palabras ;) vale revisare la tuya y mucho éxito y la mejor de las vibras! :D

Very good post @nahupuka. Love your music and creativity.
Good luck!


thanks a lot for your words! I try to do my best for fun and each week being more experimental, and create a freak jammings for Steemit platform, I enjoy a lot this process lml take care and bless

Good luck with your entry buddy!


wooow thanks a lot for the support my family, blessings!

Hermanito, excelente de verdad, te iba a decir que deberías grabar un disco de folk, me agradan muchos tus temas en acústico, un Abrazo fuerte.


:D muchas gracias por tus palabras! si algun día haré uno nuevo, yo tengo varios por allí, ya te paso uno:


y aquí esta otro :)

que los disfrutes bro!

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Tras tanto tiempo sin visitarte y aunque mi ingles es fatal, puedo decir que te veo soñador y con un sutil brillo en la mirada.


aww entonces muchas gracias por la visita <3 que linda si bueno me gusta soñar que me gano ese premio ajaja ;) un pukubesote :*