CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes - @rosnalyguerra

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CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes

"Year 2019. Hundreds of patients continued to arrive daily at the office where I work. Children, youth, adults, the elderly, all requested attention. They came for the treatment of paludism (Malaria). 4 pills in the same dose, it would be the barrier between the fever of 40 ºC and the relief..."


It is difficult for a nurse to talk about achievements and failures. When you do what is humanly possible to help improve the health of others, there is only the great satisfaction of having contributed to them.

Daily I dedicate myself to care for "sick people" who suffer from any symptoms that afflict their lives and during this "year 2019", the malaria epidemic in my country has been the biggest emergency. The medical union makes a titanic effort to try to eradicate the virus.

Thank God, there are treatments for the disease and that can be categorized as an achievement within the problem. It would be a failure if there was no help from the competent agencies, related to immunization and epidemiology, which sometimes lack medications. But so far I can only talk about achievements, since the provision of supplies and medicines has been punctual in my office.


I love working with children, I have always had to attend them in the medical consultation. In 2019, it was a great achievement, to have joined the educational sessions of the schools, to teach in the areas of: Health, disease prevention, first aid and environmental conservation.

I speak to you initially about this topic because in my role as a nurse, I must attend my job daily, from 7:00 am, to 4:00 pm, and my routine is to provide help those who need it most, "those unprotected human beings who wait for someone who can relieve them".

However, my "Achievements in 2019" have been even greater. I have had great satisfaction within my family nucleus, seeing my daughters move forward in their studies and learn new tools to face the future.

They have developed their sports talent, also in contemporary singing and dance. During 2019 they participated in many events taking great satisfaction, which contributes to their intelligence, security and self-esteem.

Jajaja! The failure for me is to have two "Left Feet" and I can never accompany my daughters to their dance rehearsal for the talent test. Everything is funny when we're together!, sharing our "Triumphs and Failures".

All day fighting for the TV remote. When they want to see Comics in the children's channel and I want to see the paramedic series "Emergency Room" in the Series channel... In the end one of the two ends up pleasing the other, then our battle becomes a new "ACHIEVEMENT".

Well at the bottom of my speech, I always end up returning to my profession. A new achievement for me, who has always opted for personal improvement.

Shortly in January 2020, I start my "Postgraduate" in "Epidemiology"... Hoping in this way to improve more and more professionally, to continue providing my services as a nurse.

Regards, to everybody, :)

This is my participation in: CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes



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I knew it was a Venezuelan Valeinte, thanks for doing what you do for our country, there are more people who love this land than those who despise and steal it.

maybe we are from the same family I also have 2 left feet lol.

Success for next year, God bless you.


nice to meet you

I have similar profession so I read this post with big attention 😁

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Thanks, friend!


well, you're so kind

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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great contest!