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Definitely, Steemit as a social network? Yes. I like the concept of sharing in different communities, reading the contributions of people who write incredibly well and exchanging impressions about places, art, history. In this way our social network is pleasantly pleasant.

Along the way we stay with friendly readers, and we have those people who are our favorites when publishing. I see it that way. This year at Steemit has allowed me to even be a delegate in other active communities, interact with new and known users.

One of my goals is to publish a little more in English, this has allowed me to reach more people and I feel that the reception has been positive. Although I have needed help in some cases, I am learning as I create the contents.

Another of this year's achievements has been to participate in new challenges, interaction with people who also publish through other social networks such as Twitter, and a little more consistency, as well as the incursion into new and innovative topics; This is the description of my current work within the platform.

Of the outstanding publications that I have made this year, I would like to leave you here a brief top five, through the following links:

I remember few negative things, perhaps because I do not like to give importance to unnecessary things, if there was any message I received spam style I apologize at this time, and we concentrate on continuing to create positive things.

This year I met through Discord new communities where they guide and allow us to promote our publications. For which I am grateful, since the reception has been welcoming.

I want to continue investing in Steemit to grow, I like the work philosophy and to be able to create a blog with personality that remains as a legacy to other generations in the future. Thank you for the goodbyes and for the welcoming that makes the road more interesting.

Very grateful for the opportunity, reading and comments.


This is my entry to the contest: CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes
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The images are of my person: Photo with a Blu Vivo One Plus. Camera f / 2.0 1/100 3.79mm ISO200. Edited with Canva.

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Saludos Luisita me alegra encontrarte en el mismo camino. Definitivamente al aprendizaje no se le puede denominar fracaso. Quizás errores pero que nos llevan a un profundo aprender en la vida.


Gracias por tu compañía este 2019 amiga 🌟 Tu eres de esas amistades importantes de este año.


Un besote y un abrazote amiga, Gracias

Maravillosamente expresado, todo un camino de aprendizaje y de nuevos amigos @slwzl


De nuevos amigos y los de siempre también. 🤗
Gracias por estar amiga bella. Bendiciones para ti.

Saludos 🌟 🌟


Recibo con agradecimiento estas bendiciones tan hermosas @slwzl

A pesar de que este 2019 fue un año fuerte para nosotros (Vzla), ciertamente, hay que destacar todos aquellos logros y excelentes personas que tuvimos la dicha de conocer este año en steemit, este punto, es uno de los grandes aportes positivos que deja esta plataforma. Por otra parte, todos aquellos tragos amargos del presente año, nos servirán como experiencias para trazarnos una mejor linea en la vida, siempre y cuando les encontremos el punto positivo a cada obstáculo que se nos cruce; recordando en cada momento, que siempre habrán luces que iluminen nuestro transitar, ya queda de parte de nosotros, sonreír mientras seguimos el camino.

Espero que este venidero 2020, multiplique todos los puntos positivos que tuviste este 2019, tanto a ti, como a los tuyos. Lindas fotografías sobre tus viajes Luisa, un abrazo.



Gracias @Abneagro por tu hermoso comentario, eres uno de esos amigos de este 2019 y te aprecio en grande. Amén por esos deseos lindos para el venidero 2020.

Cariños a todo @SteemitasClub también.

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