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Hi Everyone,

Today is officially the first day of my holiday! The last work day before I head over to Thailand next week for Steem Fest. The moment I logged off this afternoon, I have all sorts of thoughts going through my mind. I have put down my working cap and put on the Steem Fest/ holiday cap on. I have a few things that I am worried about which I will share below which adds to the "fear" topic.


I realised I haven't sorted out my summer clothes. Winter just finished in Sydney and we are currently in spring and I don't have my summer gear out from the bottom of the cupboard. After Steem Fest I will be flying to Japan which is Autumn so that's another set of clothes due to different seasons. Just thinking about makes me stressed - I may leave something but I guess I'll just buy it over in Japan or Thailand.


cheap thongs in Thailand

The other thing I fear most is the day I leave Bangkok. My flight to Japan is at 8am in the morning meaning I need to get to the airport at 6am at the latest. I don't do well waking up early so I am not sure how I will do this especially my other half is not with me, I don't know who I will rely on (maybe my roommate :) ). I am so worried I will miss the flight. I probably have to sleep like before midnight so my body have at least 6 hours sleep and wake up at 5am and head over to the airport.


A few more days to go and I fly out! I will start packing this weekend and see what else I am missing. It is an exciting time but at the same time, I've got my worries with the boys at home and traveling alone (which I haven't done for many years) and also sharing a room with someone other than my hubby will be new. None the less, I look forward to this whole event and can't wait to see everyone!


animation by @catwomanteresa

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One little trick is to set multiple alarms on your phone or tablet the morning that you need to be awake to get to the airport.
This is what I do now as I know that I will sleep through the first one if I am not careful. It will all happen and you will get back safely and have many stories to tell and heaps of photos to share. And a whole heap of new followers.


ahhh i'm not sure if my roommate will appreciate the multiple alarms LOL.

I'm sure I'll be fine when I get there - thanks for stopping by :)

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  ·  지난달

I don't do well waking up early so I am not sure how I will do this

Better get some sleep now :-)


haha see you there!!

What happens if your room mate is just as rubbish at waking up early in the morning? That would be totally useless then ^_^


LOL we will have to see. I hope I don't wake her up with my 10x snoozes lol


I feel so sorry for your roommate _

Nice presentation and awesome photography


See you there