The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections - Кубок мира @blocktrades | Мои прогнозы.

3년 전

Hello guys! These are my picks for the group stage of the @blocktradesWorld Cup.

If you want to join the Cup, click here

W| Russia v Saudi Arabia |L

T| Egypt v Uruguay |T

T| Morocco v Iran |T

L| Portugal v Spain |W

W| France v Australia |L

W| Argentina v Iceland |L

L| Peru v Denmark |W

W| Croatia v Nigeria |L

W| Costa Rica v Serbia |L

W| Germany v Mexico |L

W| Brazil v Switzerland |L

T| Sweden v South Korea |T

W| Belgium v Panama |L

L| Tunisia v England |W

W| Poland v Senegal |L

W| Colombia v Japan |L

T| Russia v Egypt |T

W| Portugal v Morocco |L

W| Uruguay v Saudi Arabia |L

L| Iran v Spain |W

W| France v Peru |L

W| Denmark v Australia |L

T| Argentina v Croatia |T

W| Brazil v Costa Rica |L

L| Nigeria v Iceland |W

L| Serbia v Switzerland| W

W| Belgium v Tunisia |L

W| Germany v Sweden |L

T| South Korea v Mexico |T

W| England v Panama |L

W| Japan v Senegal |L

T| Poland v Colombia |T

W| Uruguay v Russia |L

L| Saudi Arabia v Egypt |W

W| Spain v Morocco |L

L| Iran v Portugal |W

L| Denmark v France |W

W| Australia v Peru |L

L| Nigeria v Argentina |W

L| Iceland v Croatia |W

L| South Korea v Germany |W

T| Mexico v Sweden |T

L| Serbia v Brazil |W

T| Switzerland v Costa Rica |T

L| Japan v Poland |W

L| Senegal v Colombia |W

W| England v Belgium |L

T| Panama v Tunisia |T

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