Join the @blocktrades World Cup | 2,000 SBD in Prizes!

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No kidding: a 2,000 SBD prize pool and ANYONE who can make a post, can join in the fun!

In only 14 days the biggest sports event in the world will begin: The Football World Cup celebrated in Russia.


@blocktrades loves to sponsor this type of community engaging projects and @acidyo & @anomadsoul know a lot of Steemians love this game, so we decided to organize this enormous Football World Cup event.

You don´t have to be a professional analyst of the game, your national team doesn´t have to participate, you don´t need to know much about Football to join...

All you need to do is write a post picking every match winner and, the Steemian who makes the most points, wins.

As simple as that

Hey @acidyo, I want a piece of those 2,000 SBD, how do I join?

It´s very easy: In the world cup there are two stages, The Group Stage and The Knockout Stage.

For the Group Stage of this @blocktrades cup, all you have to do is make a post with your match predictions in each of these matches:

Russia v Saudi Arabia

Egypt v Uruguay

Morocco v Iran

Portugal v Spain

France v Australia

Argentina v Iceland

Peru v Denmark

Croatia v Nigeria

Costa Rica v Serbia

Germany v Mexico

Brazil v Switzerland

Sweden v South Korea

Belgium v Panama

Tunisia v England

Poland v Senegal

Colombia v Japan

Russia v Egypt

Portugal v Morocco

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

Iran v Spain

France v Peru

Denmark v Australia

Argentina v Croatia

Brazil v Costa Rica

Nigeria v Iceland

Serbia v Switzerland

Belgium v Tunisia

Germany v Sweden

South Korea v Mexico

England v Panama

Japan v Senegal

Poland v Colombia

Uruguay v Russia

Saudi Arabia v Egypt

Spain v Morocco

Iran v Portugal

Denmark v France

Australia v Peru

Nigeria v Argentina

Iceland v Croatia

South Korea v Germany

Mexico v Sweden

Serbia v Brazil

Switzerland v Costa Rica

Japan v Poland

Senegal v Colombia

England v Belgium

Panama v Tunisia

All you have to do is make a post where you put W (for win), L (for lose) and T (for tie) in each game.

If you need to see an example of How to make the post to join the Blocktrades Cup, click here

Hey @anomadsoul, are there any rules?

Yes, there are a few simple rules:


1 - The title of your post must be: The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

2 -In your post, you have to include a link to this announcement.

3 - Use the format included in the link above so we can organize each entry.

4 - Use the tags blocktradesworldcup and the tag mypicks

5 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

6 - Once you make the post, you can´t edit it. So please think your picks thoroughly before posting.

7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining.}

8 - You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

Scoring: For each correct pick you make on the Group Stage, you will be awarded one (1) point. At the end of the cup, the prize pool will de divided among the top scorer Steemians. The number of steemians rewarded will depend on the number of entries we get.

Hey @blocktrades, what about the second stage of the Cup, the knockout stage?

The Group Stage finishes on June 28th (Russian time) and the Knockout stage starts on June 30th. So we will be making an announcement with this account afterJune 28 to let you know how the Knockout stage works.

Everyone can join both stages and the winners will be decided by the scoring sum of both Stages.

Good luck everyone and let the predictions begin!

You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what he is doing, vote for @blocktrades as witness here

This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest, if you like what we are doing, vote for @ocd-witness as witness here

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My reputation only 31, so i guess i am DQ already :)


start commenting like crazy. Follow some "good" and "consistant" content creators who engage with their followers . Write sincere comments and hope it gets upvoted!


lol, since it is 2018 world cup.


You probably did not understand my question.


Please downvote this follow for follow bot :|

I like this, except:

5 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

Im rooting on Germany or Brazil team 😄


Wow...Same as you. first picking is Brasil, Second is Germany. 😍😍


I'm rooting for Nigeria :)


i have a friend who support Nigeria, who is not Nigerian. i really surprised, why not :)

Good Luck to Nigeria


Thank you. Your friend is awesome :)


Are you from Nigeria of Africa region?


Yes, I am from Nigeria.


Good luck to your team. My country do not have the representation. So, I have to root for others. :(


Oh, that is ok. Which country is that?




Same here.


That's awesome.


im also rooting for nigeria


All correct. You can copy them :)

Good luck, everybody!

Hey guys,
Great initiative. Will try to join!
Feel free to join also @sbcbot world cup contest!
To bad we only have a prize pool of 110 SBD.
We are just trying to promote our SBC community!


There is absolutely no shame in having a contest with 110 sbd prizepool! Still super generous and great for the community


and great for the community

And that's why we do it :)


This is good too and u will also join I lo e foot ball.

One of the best contests I have seen on steemit. @anomadsoul, you inspire me alot even with your contests. Always trying to bring out the best in people. I'm on this one. Thanks @blocktrades

Prize pool city!

Resteemed and working on the results, nice one BT, acid, and nomad 😁


Hi, if you didn't post your results yet, I suggest to check out my analysis of all the posts so far:

Some of the probabilities look like this:

Win probabilityTeamTeamWin probabilityTie probability


Hello, this is my prediction for The @blocktrades World Cup, good luck to all the participants.

I love this compition
I am from morocco

this my entry
BUT my reptition is 2 help me I wich to my repetion is 40 for joing in this competion


Thanks for create the great events @worldcup-russia. I can look the more participants on this contests. That is why i say as a great events

That is really a great initiative for the football lovers of steemit.
I am going to participate in the contest and to maximise the participation in this contest, I am going to tell my friends also.

I have been thinking about running a contest throughout the tournament where I will make a post about every match and the person who predicts the correct score takes all SBD generated by the post.

This contest only motivates me to stand firm on my decision.
Thank you!


I tell blocktrade tried in this contest and I know people will give in the support need.

This is my predictions.

Hopefully I'am can to participations in your contest.

It is my entry to participate in contest predictions..

Good luck to all.

Hi @acidyo,@anomadsoul and @blocktrades,,I wan to participate in your contest.
And this my predictions:

Wow! Amazing contest! This is my entry

Hey @acidyo ,and @anomadsoul ,

I hope to participate in the 2018 World Cup football contest even though I have not met the requirement because my reputation is still below 40, this is my prediction,

Hopefully accepted ...

48 / 48 is the group stage score to target.

My selection for anyone interested - would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks for running the comp!

Score Team Team Score
W Russia vs Saudi Arabia L
L Egypt vs Uruguay W
T Morocco vs Iran T
L Portugal vs Spain W
W France vs Australia L
W Argentina vs Iceland L
W Peru vs Denmark L
W Croatia vs Nigeria L
W Costa Rica vs Serbia L
T Germany vs Mexico T
T Brazil vs Switzerland T
T Sweden vs South Korea T
W Belgium vs Panama L
L Tunisia vs England W
W Poland vs Senegal L
W Colombia vs Japan L
W Russia vs Egypt L
W Portugal vs Morocco L
W Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia L
L Iran vs Spain W
W France vs Peru L
W Denmark vs Australia L
W Argentina vs Croatia L
W Brazil vs Costa Rica L
L Nigeria vs Iceland W
L Serbia vs Switzerland W
W Belgium vs Tunisia L
W Germany vs Sweden L
L South Korea vs Mexico W
W England vs Panama L
T Japan vs Senegal T
T Poland vs Colombia T
T Uruguay vs Russia T
L Saudi Arabia vs Egypt W
W Spain vs Morocco L
T Iran vs Portugal T
L Denmark vs France W
L Australia vs Peru W
L Nigeria vs Argentina W
W Iceland vs Croatia L
L South Korea vs Germany W
W Mexico vs Sweden L
L Serbia vs Brazil W
W Switzerland vs Costa Rica L
T Japan vs Poland T
L Senegal vs Colombia W
T England vs Belgium T
L Panama vs Tunisia W

Thanks for this nice game.

Best regards

2,000 SBD in Prizes, Perfect.


I like you selecction

This my picks in contest World Cup Russia..

My Team is Portugal..😊.

Thank you..

Great post!

This is the best contest on Steemit ever. The winner knows his or her self before the final announcement via the correctness of his/her predictions after each game. @acidyo & @anomadsoul thank you for setting up such an open competition. I rarely Partake in Costest but i must join this one it's the field i love. I'm coming with the best prediction to take home the prize

The post already paid, I was not able to resteem it :c

well after Karius we all need some good news ! and this is it. will shill for this.

Here is the Filipino Translation and this has been promoted to all local communities


I like you selecction, good luck!

Good Luck to everyone ! For experts that want to bet on the exact score, you can also join my competition:

Thanks for this game.
This is my entry-post!
hope there are no mistakes!
Good luck to everybody!

Just made my post and resteemed this one! Good Luck Everyone!

Damn! What an awesome idea and what a huge prizepool! With me not being an diehard football fan I guess I need the wisdom of my flatmate on this one ;)

Hello brother, this is my prediction for the upcoming 2018 FIFA WorldCup in Russia.

Special thanks to @acidyo and @anomadsoul and @blocktrades also support this contest.

I have followed the rules and made the post of my predictions please review and let me know if I have made a mistake.


You have some X´s in your post instead of W, L or T. Try using the example we provide in a link here so you do it better.


Thanks made the adjustment

I believe i will do 48/48. I wish success to friends who participated in the competition. Thank you @blocktrades @worldcup-russia . Good luck everybody!!!

This is very unusual. All will show his ability here. It will be very lively and great

This is my entry for the contest congratulations to other contestant..

this amazing and spectacular, I think it will be very much that follow this competition, the prestigious event awaited by all the world community, it is also very interesting for the steemians by following this contest, can me to translate Indonesian languange this post?


Someone is already going to translate it my friend but thanks :)


I'm very sorry for translating this post in Thai language,.. I'm sorry for not asking the permission @anomadsoul..


Your reputation is not upto 40


Do you mean am out?

I think I've got what it takes to win. Love these kind of contests. Come on bring it on. Thanks to @acidyo and @anomadsoul for such a great idea.

My suggestion

I am suggesting that mini or weekly draws enroute to the final draw. This could be done by rewarding the contestant with the highest points each week. This will lift moral high until the final announcement.
I hope my suggestion will be conceded.
Thank you.

Hello all, here is my entry,

Keep glowing @anomadsoul for the best ever steemit contest.
You are appreciated @blocktrades
Goodluck everyone.......

Hi @worldcup-russia
Exciting event!
Worthy of support with the vote and reesteem
The best of luck for all the participants!

Great, we'll put the machinery on full steam ahead to participate. Thanks for the initiative.

This is my participation.

Me uno es muy interesante

"No kidding: a 2,000 SBD prize pool and ANYONE who can make a post, can join in the fun!"

so why in the rules is above 40 ?

"7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining."




This is to avoid bots from joining.


I think friend that I am already participating in the contest and I uploaded my post with the predictions if you can support me friend


it's clear, but the title is inadequate, it's a shame because I would like to take part in it :)

Hi football people, this is my prediction for the @blocktrades World Cup 2018. Good Luck everyone!

I have already registered my participation. Excellent initiative!


this is the world cup schedule And the time of play for western Indonesia

Here are the results. It's not worth copying.!!!!
Good Luck everybody.
The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

I like this idea, because I am a soccer fan, I also write games, I will review this topic to see if I can participate, thank you very much !!!

I have 2 weeks to increase my eating by 2.6.
I think I can do it!

Hola queridos amigos fanáticos del futbol, esta es mi entrada espero les guste¡¡¡

Big challenge,I will try

This post has received a 31.88 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @anomadsoul.

Okay to review and participate, success.

Good contest tomorrow i want to create prediction for participate 👍

I really wish it can be any team apart from the usual suspects...but the favourites are still Brazil, Germany and Argentina (no italy this time. Teams like France, English, Portugal will meet their ends when they face this teams.

I hope it will be a wonderful tornament and Nigeria will reach the latter stage or even win it 😁

So here is my entry

Amazing idea, I hope my reputation gets to 40 before June 14.

For those who are going to participate, here they save the assembly of the table with the Markdown code: Copy and paste, but do not forget to change the results according to your own choices.

My entry is here :)

@solebox, you wanna give it a try?

Challenge accepted.

Que bien amigos, excelente iniciativa, acá en Latinoamérica el mundial de fútbol paraliza a la población. Trataré de participar con mis acertados pronósticos jaja, suerte a todos los que se animen a participar.

I strongly support the World Cup in Russia of 2018, thank you.

Mi pasión es el fútbol y ya tengo algunos, asi que me unire sin pensarlo a la fiebre del mundial...

Iniciativa apoyada totalmente, intentaremos participar..! Gracia por el apoyo a la comunidad..!

Awesome idea, I'm in!!

@worldcup-russia , this is my entry! Thanks for the contest! I root for england!

This is huge, let's see how it goes

I think Germany will win


Are you reading my mind?


We are on same track

Thou i know my country cant have it. I will still support Nigeria.
This is a very nice contest to be, really helpful and will bring various diversification of regions together.
I love it

I want to join but I still have to catch 1repu in order to qualify the contest.

Nuestra comunidad apoya iniciativas como esta, gracias por la oportunidad de acceder a una premiación de clase mundial..! ¡Votado por Engranaje!

Very good play... I write the winner!
Vote and reesteem for @worldcup-russia

Hell yeah this is my bet, i am making an entry before the dead line.


Every where you are
Big ups for your participation

If I write in this game for the football world cup win the best

Good post...👍
I love football...😍

great news

Awesome I'm in!!!

Hello @worldcup-russia. Can i translate this to indonesian languange and share this ??? Answer me if i can or not ??? I'm waiting

Don't forget Belgium Hot Team

Sounds great!

Haii steemit friends thank you for the news and information may be always successful friends in steemit development. For me there is science where every where as long as we are convinced that it is a science of gratitude steemit friend for this very useful information and news

That moment when you have reputation 39, but you're not a bot :(


look at the rules
7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining.

so, i also can't play... unfortunately

Exciting!!!! Gonna get on this NOW!

thanks to @blocktrades for sponsor this contest, and thanks to @acidyo and @anomadsoul for organizing this contest!
This is my entri:

Participare :)