You still have time! Join the @blocktrades World Cup and win 2,000 SBD in prizes

3년 전

Already more 1,200 entries from 1,200 different Steemians and you still have one week to submit your entry!

This is probably the contest with the highest number of participants in the history of Steemit... how awesome is that?

The previous announcement post already paid out and it can´t be resteemed anymore. Since we want EVERYONE on Steemit to join this contest and one of the rules for joining the @blocktrades Cup is resteeming the announcement post, we decided to make a new announcement.


@blocktrades loves to sponsor this type of community engaging projects and @anomadsoul & @acidyo know a lot of Steemians love this game, so we decided to organize this enormous Football World Cup event.

You don´t have to be a professional analyst of the game, your national team doesn´t have to participate, you don´t need to know much about Football to join...

All you need to do is write a post picking every match winner and, the Steemian who makes the most points, wins.

As simple as that

Hey @anomadsoul, I want a piece of those 2,000 SBD, how do I join?

It´s very easy: In the world cup there are two stages, The Group Stage and The Knockout Stage.

For the Group Stage of this @blocktrades cup, all you have to do is make a post with your match predictions in each of the following matches. The team names must be in english:

Russia v Saudi Arabia

Egypt v Uruguay

Morocco v Iran

Portugal v Spain

France v Australia

Argentina v Iceland

Peru v Denmark

Croatia v Nigeria

Costa Rica v Serbia

Germany v Mexico

Brazil v Switzerland

Sweden v South Korea

Belgium v Panama

Tunisia v England

Poland v Senegal

Colombia v Japan

Russia v Egypt

Portugal v Morocco

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

Iran v Spain

France v Peru

Denmark v Australia

Argentina v Croatia

Brazil v Costa Rica

Nigeria v Iceland

Serbia v Switzerland

Belgium v Tunisia

Germany v Sweden

South Korea v Mexico

England v Panama

Japan v Senegal

Poland v Colombia

Uruguay v Russia

Saudi Arabia v Egypt

Spain v Morocco

Iran v Portugal

Denmark v France

Australia v Peru

Nigeria v Argentina

Iceland v Croatia

South Korea v Germany

Mexico v Sweden

Serbia v Brazil

Switzerland v Costa Rica

Japan v Poland

Senegal v Colombia

England v Belgium

Panama v Tunisia

You have to make a post with your predictions. On this post you must use W (for win), L (for lose) and T (for tie) in each game.


Hey @anomadsoul, are there any rules?

Yes, there are a few simple rules:


1 - The title of your post must be: The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

2 -In your post, you have to include a link to this announcement.

3 - Use the format included in the link above so we can organize each entry.

4 - Use the tags blocktradesworldcup and the tag mypicks

5 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

6 - Once you make the post, you can´t edit it. So please think your picks thoroughly before posting.

7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining.}

8 - You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

Scoring: For each correct pick you make on the Group Stage, you will be awarded one (1) point. At the end of the cup, the prize pool will de divided among the top scorer Steemians. The number of steemians rewarded will depend on the number of entries we get.

Hey @blocktrades, what about the second stage of the Cup, the knockout stage?

The Group Stage finishes on June 28th (Russian time) and the Knockout stage starts on June 30th. So we will be making an announcement with this account afterJune 28 to let you know how the Knockout stage works.

Everyone can join both stages and the winners will be decided by the scoring sum of both Stages.

Good luck everyone and let the predictions begin!

You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what he is doing, vote for @blocktrades as witness here

This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest, if you like what we are doing, vote for @ocd-witness as witness here

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I'm trying to get a 40 reputation to participate in this, if you would like this post, to get me up please. Thanks. Let's go Colombia


This sounds fun:) I can't wait to post. I'll help you all I can so you can play!
Good Luck

lovely compition @worldcup-russia
thank you for sharing

let, s go


Morocco to me are the best African side going to the World Cup, it's a pity they found themselves in that group.

  ·  3년 전

My entry
Thanks a lot for the opportunity. I have resteemed this post.

I look forward to participating in this contest and my prediction is:

Thank you..

Here is my predictions for the Upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018!

@jmetroya aca esta el ultimo.

ahh too bad I can't join since I'm kinda newish here...this looks like fun :)

upvoted the resteemed message! get mo money!!!

Would have loved to join but my reputation is still 25. Some Upvote will really go a long way to getting me to participate in this fun competition @ Worldcup-russia @blocktrades @acidyo

Thanks @anomadsoul for replying my message and redirecting me here... Am shocked you replied almost immediately because from what I saw you've got lots of messages to read... Thank you..
I have finally resteem the post and can't wait to put in my predictions....
So happy about this contest....
Funny enough I just saw at channels news station on DStv about a German fan whose driving on his tractor to Russia just to support his team... Showing that the game means a lot to lots of people and am sure this challenge means a lot too to people

I publish my post but there is a error. how can i fix this error? am i able to edit this post?

I am so looking forward to this competition!

Very well thought out. Authentic and riding on such a global and famous event. I kinda don't want to resteem because so many will want into the action.
I have my picks selected, so now I'm off to enjoy the games and win some SBD!

I got my account yesterday! :( Too bad i can´t participate!

Argentina are always claiming to be the champions of the World Cup, captain Messi.

The two world champions in the Latin America World Cup qualify once in a row. In the last match, Messi's extraordinary hat-trick took Argentina out of the main event by eliminating Ecuador. On the main stage, everyone will give their best, believe Messi

"We have all the great players. It's not about how Argentine teams always claim to win the World Cup. "

  ·  3년 전

l would like to join

It is wonderful I want to be a part of it

Hi, I created analysis of most posts that will help others to guess right winner of most matches. E.g. Uruguay's chances to beat Russia are 52% to 20 % for losing according to Steemit users.


good luck goes @ worldcup-russia, so everyone can benefit from all this

Congratulations @worldcup-russia!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 352,93

This is my entry

my level is 36 but i am not a bot, i want to participate

The Champion is:

The Sub-Champion is:

Yes, as you all my know, the Belgium team will win as they have the best beer. Sometimes it is so easy.... ;-)

Here is my pic

and a nice picture from me for you all to re-use at this contest.

the blocktrade world cup by detlev.png

Here I leave my entry to the contest_click here

Ahhh I'm 1 reputation point away from being able to participate... HELP! lol

UPDATE - @hanshotfirst @punchline @hanzappedfirst to the rescue! Much appreciated!

Please cant you change the reputation rule?...cause I would love to participate in this...please

Here are my selections..please i want to participate in this...please dont rule me out cause of my reputation..thank you

I just entered your awesome World Cup Soccer Contest! Woot! Good Luck to Everyone, Heres My Post Link with my predictions! Upped / resteemed and am also Following!⚽🏃👍⚽🏃

I wanna join so badly but my rep score does not move :( I'm not a bot. You can check my writing on WorldCup:

PLEASE HELP ME JOIN :) I am confident about my football (soccer) prediction skills.

@worldcup-russia Is my entry valid? I edit my post because I didn't copy/paste Score Team Team Score above list of matches, so my post didn't look right. Once I edited, it look ok. Is my entry valid? Thanks.

agradezco esta participación en algo tan emocionante, aqui les dejo mi opinión para esta etapa del campeonato. 5 Fantasticos.jpg

Hi @worldcup-russia

I was wrong in my publication and I got an error, I hope they let me participate

  ·  3년 전

You got a 40.93% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

To see your blogs I have cnfirm that you are a football lover football and I have a football ki posting like that about football and tournaments and in the world cup football.

Hello, this is my selections for The @blocktrades World Cup, luck to all the participants.

Cool opportunity to grab by just your predictions I have to try

hello @anomadsoul and @acidyo allow me one more time to support this post in india, because my hometown people do not know much english, including myself, i read your post it takes time to translate in google, luckily i google, if no , may not read the very excited post in this 2018 world cup, thank you @acidyo , @anomadsoul and also for your parents, for having good children, smart and smart like you, may you success forever, thanks for posting this !


Sure, translate it, thanks!

Great Competition, but it seems like I won't be able to join. Maybe for the Euro 2020 :)

Please allow me to participate
I'm not a robot
I'm just a human being

@worldcup-russia resteemed and i like you contest.
Enter my entry with you.
Thank you.

Resteem: Done!

I'm in!
Resteemed and upvoted :)

my reputation is not 40 but i like to predict it

Thank you. So so much for an opprtunity like this, hope to win something.
My pick

Up team Nigeria. th-8.jpg

Up team Africa

Good!!! i´am in time :D

Hello, I'm almost 40 reputation so I hope you will accept my entry in this great contest.

Here are my picks: The blocktrades World Cup | My Selections

My reputation is only 25, so I guess I'm not eligible...

I will try my luck in predicting matches of the World Cup 2018 ;-)


hola amigos de steemit, acá les dejo mi entrada al el fútbol!

FELICIDADES, Excelente idea..Digo presente y esta es mi entrada al concurso.

Hi everybody!
This is my predictions for the upcoming WorldCup Russia 2018:
Good luck to everyone 🍀

Best regards

Dimante_1.png — My Entry — Dimante_1.png

I've never seen a contest as big as this one. Good luck for everyone!

A very good сhallenge and excitement. It is interesting how many matches I can guess. Matches of the World Cup are always unpredictable and interesting. It will be a great miracle and good luck if someone guesses all the bills.

Very excited for the start of the tournament. these are my predictions

Here is my entry for this constest.

P. D. I missed just one match so I had to edit it.

Am sorry for been stubborn @blocktrades,i jxt cant do without participating in this competition because am a diehard fan of football.hope my entry get submitted

So sad i can't participate, because i don't have up to 40 in reputation..

Lets go Colombia, Lets win it all..

Thank you for the opportunity to participate!
May the best Team and Steem(ian) win!

Here are my picks

Good luck for everyone, this is my choice:

Hopefully I am win it..😊
Thank you..

I was just thinking with a few of these posts the total revenue will be above 2,000 SBD. What will happen with the revenue of these posts (this Steemit account)?

Will it be a reward for the owner of this account and all the effort put in to the organization? To cover expenses for something like a coder to stake the data and build an automated model?
Or will it be added to the prize pool?

My entry

Hello friends of Steemit! My selections to the group stage of the World Cup @blocktrades.


Please! you should reconsider your rule 7 as, it restrict a new born people like me from participating in this great tournament. Remember it was only contested after every 4 years and you initiators want alot of participants, is'nt it? #reconsiderrule7 @blocktrades @mypicks @blocktradesworldcup @aasanka

2000 SBD !!!! It's like 3.4k$

OK, Steemit family, here is my post and my predictions for the blocktradesworldcup.
According to the rules, I publish it here, and re-steem this English post to my blog.
God luck for everybody!

Wao this is nice.. I rep Nigeria.. Let's go..

Thanks You

There is some issues with your entry for blocktrades World Cup contest, where I am not able to extract out your contest entry data.

The error name is: COUNTRY_NOT_FOUND_1

This is an automated message script written by superoo7.
For more details about your error, please refer to the development post

Hola por aquí el enlace de mi entrada. Ayer cuando fui a mandar mi enlace se fue la luz pero ya tenia mi publicación lista.

It 15th June, can we still make prediction of the remaining games?

wait we were supposed to leave our entries here? It did not say in the rules.

I made this entry before 14th June 00:01 utc.

two matches predicted correctly 20 to go....... 2000SBD knocking......

at the banks door with this

hey hello, this is my entry to the world cup contest i made this post before the deadline but forgot to post the link on this comment page. i forgot. just had time to use soory.

today i watch portugal and spain match.
portugal win. amazing match.
i love football.

बहुत बढ़िया आप हमें भी मदत करे । भारतीय दोस्त स्पॉट करो हम सब मिलकर एक संस्था बनाते है जिसमे हम एक दूसरे को मदत करेंगे

Would have loved to join but my reputation is still 25. :( :(