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Once a disciple politely asked his guru- "Guruji, some people say that life is a struggle, some others say that life is a game and some people call life a festival. Who is right among them? '

Guru Ji responded patiently,

Life is a struggle for sons, who did not find a Guru; The person whom Guru has found is a game and those who begin to follow the path taught by the guru, only they have the courage to give life the name of a celebration.

Even after listening to this reply, the disciple was not completely satisfied. Guru ji became aware of this, and he started saying, 'I tell you a story in this context. If you listen carefully, then you will be able to answer your question.'

Three guru
Place of guru
my strength
The story he had told was as follows-

It is a matter of time that in a Gurukul, three disciples requested to their master to complete their studies, asking them what they wanted in Gurdaakshina, Guru ji first smiled and then started saying with affection -'I want you to have dry leaves of a bag in Gurudakshina, can you bring it? 'The three hearts were very happy because they felt that they could easily Master will be able to complete G desire | dry leaves remains widely scattered in the woods | He enthusiastically said in the same voice - 'Jupiter, as your command.'

Now the three disciples had reached a proximate forest while walking, but seeing that dry leaves were only a handful, there was no place for their surprise. They got into thinking that who would have taken the dry leaves from the forest? In such a situation, he saw a farmer coming from far away, reaching to him, he started humbly demanding that he give them dry leaves only through one bag.

Now the farmer apologized to them, told them that he could not help them because he had already used dry leaves in the form of fuel. Now, the three of them were moving towards a nearby village in the hope that they could help someone in that village there.

When he reached there he saw a businessman with great hope and started praying to give him a bag of dry leaves but once again he was disappointed because the businessman, already, to earn some money, dry leaves Two merchants were sold and sold, but the trader showed generosity to find an old mother who used to collect dry leaves.

But luck did not support her here, because the old lady used to make different types of herbs by separating them. Now, after being frustrated, they returned to the Gurukul only. The Guru asked them to look affectionately. - "Son, take it Gurudakshina?" The three bowed their heads. On being asked by Guru ji again, one of them said, "Gurudev, we can not fulfill your wish." Should the dry leaves will remain scattered everywhere in the forest had but a very surprising that people use them too much like

'Guru ji again smiled like a laugh,' Why are you disappointed? Be happy and this knowledge that dry leaves are also not wasted, but they also have many uses; Give me as Gurudakshina. 'The three disciples went to their house happily after praying to Guru Ji.

The disciple who was listening to the story of Guru ji was concentrated, suddenly spoke with great enthusiasm - 'Guruji, now I have become well known that what you want to say. Your sign is literally on this side and not When not always accessible dry leaves are too fruitless or useless, then how can we disrespect any object or person as small and unimportant? From ant to elephants and from needle to sword, all have their own importance.

Guru ji also immediately said, 'Yes, my son, this is also meant to say that whenever we meet anyone, do our best to give him the rightful respect so that there is an expansion of affection, goodwill, sympathy and tolerance. Our life could become a festival instead of struggle.

Secondly, if life is considered to be a game, then it will be better that we participate in Nirchampa, healthy and calm competition and do our best to take our execution and production to the summit of height. Now the disciple is completely satisfied Was.

Ultimately, I want to say that even if we evaluate this story at all these three levels of mind, word and deed, then this story will be fulfilled only. It does not feel sad to hurt him and his energy consumes all the obstacles in his path of man's journey. In fact, the biggest celebration of our life is only manuscript-such scholars Is not |

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