Google search engine update for January 2020

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Google has announced an update to its grocery store 4 working days, which will affect many websites. There are sites
where the sky has risen, and locations the earth has descended 😳

Most modernization sites target it are medical websites, electronic commerce sites, and sites related to financial fields (Forex) and other fields, but to a lesser extent, if you are related to these areas de Kamel to the other. 👍

This is a basic update in Google algorithms, on a large scale, and in many factors, among the factors that rank the search results, and therefore the work of re-arranging the sites based on the new updates, and because of this, you will find the best-ranking sites and the sites that have fallen back.

The update, once launched from Google, has already affected all search results on a global scale, meaning that there are no specific countries like America as usual.


What needs the update will affect it?

Unfortunately, this is not an update that targets a specific need that you can improve, such as "site speed", for example. So if your site remains affected, you will need to do a comprehensive manual review of the pages that have been retracted.

And in the last update, Google presented an example to know how to improve the content of your site, which was affected negatively.

And she said:
"Imagine that you made a list of the top 100 films in 2015. After a few years in 2019, I updated the list. It will change naturally. Some great new movies that weren't there before will now be a candidate for inclusion, and you can also reevaluate some movies She understands that she deserves a higher place on the list than she was before.

This is the useful part of the post that I posted

The update cares that you are providing a real benefit within the content that you provide and trying to stop the illegal methods that we use to publish a large amount of content without interest.

Of course, most of us would not have an old article on, for example, "Best Gifts 2019", by giving the same content without updating, but we will change the year to 2020.

This is the summary. Even if you notice any change in your site’s results during the month, share it with us in the community.

Note the update is still working, I mean, if you don't see a change, it will still be your turn

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