Journey to Financial Freedom: Log #4

3년 전

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Journey to Financial Freedom: Log #4.

Hey everyone,

This series documents my process and journey towards my ultimate goal of attaining financial freedom. I am doing things each and every day to help me get closer towards that dream.

This week, I have a lot of new updates.

1) I will be posting consistently on Steemit

a. Mystery Mondays
b. Fitness Fridays
c. Journey to Financial Freedom (Saturdays)

This is my current weekly posting schedule, but I will be tossing in random posts here and there when I do feel like it :)

2) I started making videos!

This past week, I started making videos for the first time!

I will be posting videos such as stock analysis, trade recaps, and fitness videos on Dtube for now, then maybe expand to other types of videos and other platforms in the future.

3) I am done with 1/4th of the ACSM Personal Training Book

I have been slacking on this, but I am trying to set aside 1-2 hours each day to study as I want to become a certified personal trainer as soon as possible

4) I am planning to learn more about product photography

Photography has quickly grown to become one of my interests since last year. I have mainly only done landscape photography, but I have a few ideas I will be testing out soon regarding product photography. And who knows, maybe this hobby will become one of my streams of income in the future.

5) Stock trading

I used 2 day trades this week and basically came out breakeven, but I was able to learn from my mistakes and decided to set a few new rules for my trading. You can check out my blog post about it here.

Hopefully these rules will help me to become consistently profitable

Also, I still have a small position in $CDW from $72, so hopefully it'll reach new 52 week highs soon.

These are the highlights from my past week. I will be recording another workout video this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to post that on Friday!

I am also excited for Monday so I can practice being disciplined and sticking to my rules in day trading stocks.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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