Journey to Financial Freedom: Log #5

3년 전

Log #5.jpg

Journey to Financial Freedom: Log #5.

Hey everyone,

This series documents my process and journey towards my ultimate goal of attaining financial freedom. I am doing things each and every day to help me get closer towards that dream.

Here is a quick recap of my week:

1.Uploaded a post talking about the learning curve most traders go through

  • If you are a new trader, this post might be interesting to see where you are in the graph

2.Uploaded another workout video

  • Getting used to editing videos and really excited to improve in this area in the future

3.Went breakeven from one winning trade and one losing trade in stocks this week.

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nice motivational post. everyone aim for "Financial freedom" only few do achieve it. but you are explaining it in a good way . following your posts . I hope I will achieve financial freedom.

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