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Last year's gardening/recycling project wasn't that big of success, this year I've given up on the recycling and decided to give the microgeens a go.
With the help of a friend, I've set up a test of 21 different vegetables to see which grows better/faster.
I'll be sharing the details and pictures of the test here if you ever decide to try it yourself.

We have two trays with six rows of seven. Perfect for two spots of each seed. I'll be sowing the seeds with low and high densities side by side.

The seeds are:

Parsleyonion*dillsavoryWelsh onionleeksavory
Flixweed*lettuce*radish*spinach*fenugreekgarden cressradish
Alfalfapeasbasil*celerybasilviolet basilclover
  • Those with stars came from kitchen or other sources, the rest, in fancy packages
  • Each two rows

One of the trays would be outside and one I'll keep in my room. Let's see which is better for them.

Sowing without mixing the seeds was a challenge. Specially with the trays filled to the top.
Some of those fancy seeds are covered with blue or green colored chemicals. Fungicide I assume, I have no problem with that, but touching them don't seem wise.



The seeds didn't move around while watering like I imagined they would.😀


As you can see basil, seeds soaked lots of water instantly.

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this is great , im looking forward for new posts about this vegan dishes