A "Storm" is Raging so I Think it's Time to Come Home to Steemit and "Screech" about it

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I have been on an extended break from this site and I think it might be time to return to writing posts for my Steemit blog. I have been working an exhausting schedule lately and it has been difficult to find time to be creative. However, I have made it a point to observe the the social and political turmoil that continues to grip this country. The coming elections have brought the best propagandists and the most corrupt of politicians to the forefront of the American consciousness. The clash of competing cultural movements continue and the most extreme on all sides are over-represented by the media to incite hate and fear among its audience. The drums of war are being beaten ever louder by an increasingly "diverse" swath of the political spectrum. A few people died after using e-cigs and now there is a push to enter a new phase of the failed drug war. In short, we find ourselves in the middle of a category 5 bullshit storm and I wouldn't feel right if I didn't (as my name implies) do some screeching about it.


I wish I could say that I have been off having some adventure or partying my nights away but the reality is far less exciting. My schedule is classified as "flexible" and my employers abuse that bit of language in the contract that governs the terms of my employment. I often find myself getting off of work at five in the evening and being required to return at two the next morning. The money is good so I will continue to endure this treatment until I am promoted to a more stable position but, needless to say, I have been left with little time to write for the last few weeks. However, I feel like I need to make an effort to end my recent absence because this place gives me a valuable outlet that I have sorely missed.

Despite my demanding work hours, I have had a chance to observe the state of the society that I inhabit and I have that to say it is a fucking mess that I need to point my finger at and critique. I am compelled to submit those thoughts and ramblings for public consumption because remaining silent stresses me out.


Of course, I have no delusions about reaching a mass audience with my rambling blog posts and I suspect that my efforts will change few minds but I don't have to (though, I'd like to). Speaking my mind about the things I believe, sharing my weird opinions about psychedelics and the value of alternative worldviews, and denouncing the lies and insanity that I see around me all make me feel better and that is enough of a reason for me to do those things. That being the case, I think I am ready to come home to Steemit. I miss this place and the outlet that it provides.

I think I will end here. I am happy to be back but I woke up very early and I worked a long day. I hear sleep calling my name and I feel obliged to answer. If everything goes according to plan, I should have a real post up by Saturday or Sunday. As I suggested above, I have plenty of topics nagging at me so I shouldn't lack for material any time soon.


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It has been a difficult time for me to be creative too. All the noise and distraction around me.

I'm glad everything is well.


Thank you.

Yeah it is hard to adjust and being creative isn't something we can just make ourselves do like making the bed or doing the dishes.

It's been a bit quiet around these parts of late. We could do with a little screeching.
Welcome home.



Haha Yeah I hate to contribute to that silence but the desire to rest always seemed to outweigh the need to write. Things seem a little more stable lately so I hope to have a little more time.

Good to see you! Glad you are back in action.

I feel good things coming and I try to avoid the political mood.


Thank you.

Haha I hope you're right both about steemit and the world in general. But man, it feels like people are getting extra wacky lately. Lol


Yeah they are really wacky, but the wacky is starting to backfire.

Ever notice how you don't know any of those people.. I think they find the crazies and focus on them.

The weak minded jump on the band wagon.



But I did date one of those people a while back so there are a few in the wild to be sure lol.

Ugh, don't get me going about the propaganda.. It's plastered all over the weedcash tribe too, which I find a bit surprising. We do have plenty over there that know better than to fall for that false flag bs, but still, many people are hypnotized by propaganda, and of course, Global Warming is here!!!! again... lol

You have some valuable insight to share, and I encourage you to do so with the #weedcash tag, as well as the #bilpcoin tag. #creativecoin, and #palnet as well. https://steem-engine.com is the hub for your tribe tokens, and if you need help with anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

I have ups and downs with creativity as well friend. Any artistic person understands this.

I look forward to your future publications, and warmly welcome you back to Steem NEWSTEEM! :)

P.S. Sorry to hear the hamster wheel system has been harsh on you, as it's intended to :(
Hang in there, our time is coming.


I'll have to look into those tags. I actually struggle to pick tags that fit my work so it's nice to have some new options.

There does seem to be a lot of the nonsense floating around. I think political season gets people fired up but there are other cultural factors that are contributing to the state we find ourselves in. Take the gun issue for example. I struggle to agree with any position on that issue because I mostly see a frothy blend of snap judgments, emotional appeals, and profound ignorance coming from the people who are yelling about it the loudest and the most often.

"P.S. Sorry to hear the hamster wheel system has been harsh on you, as it's intended to :("

Haha yeah it is rough but on the bright side, I have at least earned enough to stop the debt collectors from calling about unpaid twenty-six dollar medical bills and I drive a car that isn't old enough to vote lol.

Hey stranger. Glad you found the time to drop in. 😊

I have no delusions about reaching a mass audience with my rambling blog posts and I suspect that my efforts will change few minds but I don't have to

that reminded me of this:

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Thank's. I meant to only take a week off but that turned into four after the shit hit the fan with my work scheduled lol.

Haha. That is about the truth there. I know that I am not alone in my positions but if no one shares we can't find each other.

I gotta confess, I have been reading little on this network, because of similar matrix hours and schedules you described here. Once again our lives seem to be mirrors of each other.

That said, it's damn good to read from you again. As so often, you sharing your current life perspective and experience helps me put mine into context, makes me feel more at ease and trusting in mine. I feel more and more part of a grand plan and I see less and less of the public propaganda distractions so many of our human brothers and sisters have swallowed hook line and sinker, becoming tools of the true extremists in high places.

Something big is coming, and I feel I will be ready for it. Life is nudging me and transforming in front of me too quickly to be totally unconnected to what is coming. I think I am being prepared by life <3 Soon there will come a time when I can read more again, and your blog will be the first place to visit.

much love dude


"I gotta confess, I have been reading little on this network, because of similar matrix hours"

Yeah that stuff does have a way of taking over your life. I think I am going to make more of an effort to be around though. I always get to missing this place when I'm gone.

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