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I posted earlier but I still feel like writing. I worked early today but I go in late tomorrow so I have time to kill.

I had a date planned tonight but I am increasingly getting the sense that it will fall through. I'd be disappointed to be certain. We will see how it goes. I have a hard time getting a beat on this girl. I think she likes me but I also wonder if she is reluctant to like me more.


The virus has killed everyone's buzz. I see lots of new laws and ordinances popping up and lots of people cheering them on in the name of safety. I recognize that the virus can be deadly. A coworker lost an uncle to it just yesterday. However, I have always maintained that safety is an illusion that even if there was no virus, there would be a million other things trying to kill us on any given day. I smoke cigarettes for fucks sake. I accept the risk and choose to live my life in as normal of a fashion as possible. I don't judge people who are frightened but I would caution them against handing more power over to the authorities in exchange for a false sense of security.


People are showing their true colors these days. Those who could just barley function in society are now unleashing their pent up rage on the nearest boogieman. Individuals who were once perfectly polite are now screaming at each other to cover their face or not cover their face and I am fucking tired of it. Do as you will and be prepared to suffer the consequences that may come, I say.

Okay, I think that really it for today. Make marry if you are able because you don't know when you won't.


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I hope you are staying safe there!

I crosspost on both hive and Steemit. Although, most of my upvotes and followers are on Hive now.

This is yours.


Wow thank you.