If you could have on thing in your life with an infinite supply, what would it be? // DAILY Q

2년 전
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Would it be infinite Bitcoins!?

...Infinite Froot Loops!?

...Infinite Love!?

...Infinite orgasms!?

Alright... so our feminine counterparts may have already figured out that last one...

But for realz: If you could choose JUST ONE THING to be absolutely INFINITE and INEXHAUSTIBLE in supply, what would it be?

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Health and vitality - if that is present in infinite amounts all my life, we are up to tackle any challenge that might come up in life. ☺️


You went straight for the good schtuff @rawadventuress! I'm digging that. For me I often come to the conclusion that "if I just had more energy, I'd be able to do all of what I want."

Great to see you! :)


I totally get that - we really don't need more hours a day, but only the strength and energy to use our time in the best way 😉

Patience :)