My second day on steemit - #2nd blog post

3년 전

Hi steemians,

woohoo! Happy "first-day-with-steem-is-done" day.

So, I am now here since one day. This platform is much more then I did imagine. There is sooo much to discover and already a lot of projects based on steem running. Even though a couple of projects to support the "minnows". I am not sure right now, which of these platforms is the most useful or if you even need them to raise here a little bit faster.

So, today I am more confused about the complete steem universe then I was yesterday. It's mainly because it's too much and I can't follow everything right now, neither do I not know, what I should start to follow to have a better overview, but let's see how it will get within the next days.


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I feel you man, but we've got this! Slowly but surely we'll figure it and do well! Best of luck to you Befaro.