Strategy board gaming day: #3rd blog article

3년 전

Good evening #steemians,

at least it's late evening here in Germany right now. I will really try to keep posting one short blog article every day. I have not found dedicated topics I want to talk about on a regular base, but today might be start of a session.

Like every Wednesday evening (since a couple of month) I did go to a strategy board gaming evening. Today we played my favorite game there right now, it's called "Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo" in German. Gimme a second to google the English name... "The Voyages of Marco Polo". Well, it took me much more then only one second and afterwards I need even to look up the translation back from "Voyages" to German. Nevermind.

I like this game so much, because it is so many-faceted and you can use a lot of different strategies to win. The nice thing is, it is somehow so balanced that there is not only "the one" strategy to win. In the end it is always a very close game. Aaaand even with this complexity, the single moves follow such a simplicity. You could explain the complete game like that:

You play 5 rounds in total. To the beginning of each round every player rolls five dices. And now clockwise every single player can place one dice on the board to execute the dedicated action where the dice is placed.

That's it! So you can explain the complete game in three sentences ^^ The details are now just hidden in the different actions you can choose, but they are very self-explaining from the symbols drawn on the board. So, it's mainly a so called worker-placement game.
I don't want to bore you now too long with the details of the rules, you can for sure look them up in multiple online threads, multiple videos and so on... If you are interested, feel free to research more details about it or buy it yourself.
By the way, thematically it's what the name tells you: follow Marco Polo on his Voyagers and visit all the nice places he has traveled to.

At least I did have another worth evening enjoying to play this game and I think you will read me tomorrow again ;) Have a good night, @steemit!


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