Topic poll #9th blog post

3년 전

Hello my steemians,

I am still in an orientation phase on my blog. I am still not sure, which topics are interesting here for you. I mean - I have a lot of thing I could talk about, but what do you want to know/to read?

That's why I would like to include the community for this question. Just give an upvote in the comments to the topic you want to read about.

Possibilities are:

  • Science
  • Technics
  • Robotics
  • Travels
  • Strategy Board Games
  • Germany
  • local topics (region of Aachen and Eifel)
  • Games (as Video blogs)
  • Nerd stuff
  • Other (let me in in reply what you are interested in)

I chose in total 10 topics, I think that already be a lot.

That's it for today. Tomorrow Karneval starts here in our region, but I am a Karnvel's refugee and will leave in 2 days to another country :D Not completely voluntary, because it is a business trip, but the goal is a ski region, so I don't mind ;)

Comment with most number of upvotes (not highest value) will be a weekly written topic.

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some recommendations and a warm welcome from @detlev

choose something where you have fun with and stay with this.
F.e. if you like beer have a look to the Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge which runs since 35 weeks!


Thanks for the hint, detlev. The point is, I do have fun with a lot of things ;) At least all the points I mentioned above. BUT beer is something I defenitely don't like :D


Strategy Board Games



Nerd stuff