How To Earn A Online Lifestyle In 2020 – Introduction

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Hey Sunshines:),

Thank you to the people that we have met over the years that has asked us to please help with information about earning a lifestyle online, this series are dedicated to you and to anyone that would like straight up information which is straight to the point, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, as we may be able to make posts about your question to help others also.

Money is one materialistic item that fills many of our minds from how to pay debt/bills, buy things, invest, to how to earn it to pay for a lifestyle we are accustom to or dream about.

Earning online over the years has become very attractive to many people for the freedom of choice were you can either earn from working for a company from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, to being a freelancer or doing your own idea to earn a lifestyle.

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Many people we have spoken to including myself have many ideas on what we would like to do, but it's the transition from the ideas to reality, just like a baby we need to learn to crawl first before we run, just like anything new.

Knowledge is key, there is a learning process of learning, testing of trail and error, if you don't try you won't know then you can't learn from your mistakes, but there are also some short cuts you can take also from learning from those that have done that you would like to achieve.


There are many pitfalls over the years that I have fallen into myself which is a short cut I would like to share, I've share some of these in other posts before, to keep everything in one place to know that I've covered everything, I may repeat some information in my other posts, so please bear with me if I do repeat myself.

Not having a idea what I would like to do?

  • Working for a company or freelancer, blogging, vlogging, trading, affiliate marketing,
    marketing, drop shipping, buying/selling products etc.

Not having the skills

  • Computer skills, website building, advertising, video/editing, marketing etc, there are free online sites where you can learn skills to up skill yourself if you know what you would like to learn, or you may be able to try many different courses to see what really interests you.

Time management

  • When your not around a boss or have one, all the decisions of what to do and when falls on yourself, as you can get side tracked and time can fly by fast one way to get tasks done is to do Pomodoro which are normally 25 minute task time limits, then a five minute break, you could adjust to what works for you, remember to take time out in between to keep hydrated, fueled by eating, stretching and giving your eyes a rest from a phone or laptop screen which you may want to go for a short walk or exercise.

Over working

  • Over the years I've spoken to people that ended up in hospital or be came ill from burn out, from trying to keep up with others online that were saying that people were slackers if they weren't up most the night like them, that they didn't want it bad enough.
    Please remember that everyone is different and has a different situation, making yourself sick doesn't help any situation it puts more pressure on yourself than needs to be, things take time, there are a lot of things to take into account also, like how long they have been doing what they are doing, what training have they had, what knowledge do they have etc.

Balancing your lifestyle

  • Balance your lifestyle around your family, friends, work, exercise, hobbies etc, be realistic how much time you can put into your lifestyle weather it's 30 minutes each day, 1 hour a week etc, be honest with your self so later on you don't think you failed yourself by biting off more than you can chew.

Doing what you love

  • When you do things you love/enjoy doing, you feel positive, happy, enjoy life, figuring out what sparks your passion then turn that into a way to earn.

Nothing in life is free

  • This is a phase I've heard a lot online and fell into this trap also that to learn any skill I had to pay, this is not the case you can trade your time for free information from free online course sites, YouTube videos, ask bloggers sharing information freely they may guide where you could start your research process.

Everyone's path is different

  • Everyone is different, try not to compare yourself or situation with others as everyone learns differently at different speeds, have different knowledge.

Over complicating ideas

  • At times our ideas can be too big to start off, so we need to scale back ideas to have a starting point, then you can move on to the bigger ideas to grow once you have started and got things moving.
    One thing that frustrates myself is that I've spent over 8 years learning and trying to see how to earn a online lifestyle is that I can talk to others and guide them what they need to do to achieve their online lifestyle, for myself I over complicate things knowing that one thing that I tell others is that you need to keep things simple.

In the next posts we will go over different ways to earn a online lifestyle from content creating (blogging, website building, vlogging etc), crypto trading, ecommerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, marketing, advertising, interaction/communication, gaining followers, consulting, etc (may not be in that order of posts).

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

If you would like to get in contact me please feel free to contact me via this [discord group](

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Steemit if full of great community's here are some you may like to check out:

The @adsactly society is fabulous - Don't take my word for it check them out on discord if your interested in the crypto sphere, society.

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Thank you @teamnz for the personalized banner

New to Steemit or a bit lost what to do,Steem Savvy (Full disclosure that is a Refferal link to Steemsavvy you can check them out on their main page if you don't want to use a Referral link. ) is a great place to start with beginners guides, guiding you on your new journey into the world of blockchain social media.

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good advice for those who have no idea where to go if they love to spend most of their time earning in online. It's good to have that site but it's hard to join or to choose you to have a work.
found it in #pypt


Thank you @mrnightmare, we try to share as much information for everyone to understand even people that have no idea where to begin.

Looks to be a good series about doing online work. A lot of good advise.

Much thanks to @adsactly for sharing your post on the #PYPT Podcast.


Thank you @sgt-dan, we hope to share as much as possible in this new series.
Thank you for letting me know @adsactly shared this post in the #PYPT podcast.