5 Animals Today That Lived With Dinosaurs

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download 01.jpg1) Crocodiles

You only have to look at a Crocodile & notice how it looks like a dinosaur.

So it's no surprise that Crocodiles did walk the earth along side T-Rex.

They have been on earth for over 200 million years, they survived the dinosaurs & even humans have failed to make any of the 23 species of modern Crocodiles extinct.

This is extremely impressive, and just like the shark, they have evolved to become extremely efficient predators.

Although modern crocodiles have changed a lot from what they used to be, they are still very similar in many ways.

The Deinosuchus was a huge alligator that lived roughly 100 million years ago.

And when i say huge, I really mean it, they measured over 10m in length.

Although crocodiles aren't technically classified as dinosaurs, they do share a common ancestor & are in many ways very similar to dinosaurs. download 02.jpg2) Platypus

Platypuses are funny looking animals.

They kind of have the face of a duck, tail of a beaver & the feet of an otter.

In fact when Europeans first encountered a platypus they thought it was a hoax.

However the jokes on us as they actually been around for a good 150 million years.

Originally they would of had teeth but over time as their bill became more prominent and useful, platypuses evolved without needing teeth.

Scientists found a 120 million year old fossilized platypus jaw in 1998, shining more light on the past of this amazing animal. download 03.jpg3) Turtles

Turtles have been around for over 250 million years, and they have survived every possible situation just by chilling.

If it gets too cold, turtles hibernate & wait it out.

If it gets to warm they dig a hole in the mud to cool off wait it out.

They also haven't changed much over the years, their evolution has been slow to say the least mainly because they are built pretty well to stand the test of time.

However with that being said out of the 327 known species of turtle, some are highly endangered due to human interference. download 04.jpg 4) Bees

Bees have existed for more than 120 million years, and have since become one of the most important creatures on planet earth.

Since their existence they have been very busy, evolving into 20,000 different types of species.

Bees pollinate about 90% of the worlds commercial plants and contribute about $45 billion to the global economy.

Modern life on earth without bees would not be possible, and even though they have survived every natural disaster, every kind of predator, it seems we humans are the ones who might put their future in jeopardy.

Bees are declining at an alarming rate due to loss of natural habitat, disease, pollution & the growing use of pesticides.

So next time you see a bee buzzing around you, just remember how important they are to your own existence. download 05.jpg 5) Sharks

This ocean predator was swimming the waters when T-Rex was still around.

Sharks have survived & outlived some of the most insane predators to ever roam the planet.

For more than 420 million years, they have existed, and evolved into one of the most efficient predators on earth.

In fact sharks are so old they where around a whole 200 million years before dinosaurs even existed.

To put that into perspective, when dinosaurs first popped up, sharks where as old to them, as dinosaurs are as old to us.

For this alone, sharks deserve a huge amount of respect & they really are the kings of the ocean.

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