A million dollar question

2년 전

How to get my first million?


I've been asking myself this question my entire life.
Since the early beginning, I had lots of ways to get it

Until the end of my primary school time, the goal was to get it by winning a lottery.

Then it was even better – I had more business ideas which initially were supposed to give me the money I always wanted:

• To become a drug dealer (thank God I left this idea)
• To become a photographer
• To become a drone operator
• To win the ninja warrior competition
• To build/rent a room for my own microbrewery (I sometimes brew beer)
• To become a professional poker player (I still find it as a good idea but left my poker education for a reason)
• To open an escape room (hell yeah! we will jump to this topic soon - this idea is still alive! )

And some other stuff: become an entrepreneur; YouTube creator; Manufacturer (metalworking ideas – milling, drilling turning etc. and also 3d printing utility creation)

Now besides my full-time job, I am fully engaged in learning about cryptocurrency; investment ideas etc.
I am still considering coding my own token/crypto, but for the good ICO promotion campaign, I need a good team and tons of money – I will consider this topic still in the future.

I discovered a new way of getting financial freedom and maybe some millions also.

Now I am willing to try it.
I heard lots of opinions about the crypto mining non-profitability in the past, but a time ago I have been introduced to a mining company which offers top rated mining hardware.
I have done the math and it seems that considering the current coins values, the 100% ROI time can take less than 1 Year.
I do not know if my new investment plan will pay off – I still don’t know what will happen if the prices will go down e.g. 50%, but still, I think it is worth trying so I will.

My initial goal is to have one crypto mining hardware as soon as possible - the cost of it is ~8k$ in the above-mentioned company. I want to fund it partially with the money received using the Steemit.
The final goal will be to have over 5 mining hardware.


If anyone will be interested in getting my calculation file - please write in comments about it - I can share it.

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Not so much interested in the company you speak on as I am putting your coding skills to use. Have you built anything on chain yet?

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Hi, firstly - thanks for checking my post. I am not trying to convince anyone for my business idea at this stage - I don't even know if it is going to work for me but I will find it out (maybe then I will convince people).

Unfortunately, I have not tried to code any blockchain yet/construct a dapp yet. I have gathered some materials - sign up for some courses on Udemy (coding using Solidity) but had no time to grow in this field. I want to educate myself though.


Good stuff, if you ever find your way over to or already on discord, feel free to look me up😎

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I thought that 1st million need to be steal ;)


Yep, I also heard about it but never tried:D

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