To Honor My Mom's Birthday

4년 전

To honor my Mom's Birthday I decided it would be a good idea to transplant 6 Plumeria grown from seed. With Plumeria the seedlings are prized. This is because new unique colors and genetic phenotypes manifest in them. No matter what the parents looked just don't know with new seedlings. Very exciting if you ask me.

This is our inactive compost pile. We use the compost from this pile for all our new plantings. This pile has had months to process the kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, lawn clippings and leaf debris, and is now rich bioavailable soil ready to make something grow like a yoked up gym rat.


This is our active compost pile. We are processing all the aforementioned additions in this pile along with watering and turning, it will be ready in a few more months. It still needs to cook awhile. It's not soup yet.


Side by side you can see the difference between one compost pile and the other.


Time to grab the shovel and dig in. I grab a 5 gallon bucket at a time. I take it to my planting station to process/sift and use.


This is where it all goes down, my planting station.


This is my sieve re-purposed from an old rabbit hutch. There is a pile of sieved debris in the background.


Here is the sieve loaded with a pile of unfiltered compost ready for processing.


After vigorous agitation all the compost falls through and leaves the undesirable debris behind.


Then I simply lift the sieve up and dump the debris.


Then I'm left with a sweet nutrient dense pile of processed compost ready for planting. The soil actually smells rich. You can smell the minerals. Seedlings are fixing to get buff in their new dirt condos.


Locked and loaded, everything's ready. Let's do this.


First plant down, five to go.


Second plant going in.


Look at those roots. These seedlings are going to be so happy in their new homes.


Two down and four to go.


All six are done. Time to soak them thoroughly so that the roots can start growing in their new home.


Let the soaking begin.


And just like that...voila, six newly re-planted "Plumie" seedlings ready to grow like crazy. They will bring new color, scent, beauty and happiness. I'm happy to have honored my Mom with such a genuine gesture that a green thumb like her would appreciate. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you to the moon and back. :)


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Happy birthday to her bro well done

a very nice way to honor your mother, glad to see you're making your own compost instead of using those nasty fertilizers!


You know it and it saves literally tons of landfill over time that would just be rotting away when the rot can work for you when utilized properly. No "chemmies" for my garden. All natural, pretty much organic. Makes me feel a bit better about my relationship with our planet as well. The soil smells fantastic. Do you compost amigo?


yes but on a very small scale, just enough to feed the garden and plantings around the house

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