Free Upvote, Free Land, and Free Vines! Experience CryptoRome

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Winner - Congrats @Sq who won half of my CSC iron haul by entering in these Free Contests. Congrats

An Exciting Mix of Gameplay

My man DoubleJump tipped me off to an upcoming game a little while ago. I haven't really had time to check it out fully until now. The game is called CryptoRome This game looks to include a few popular game mechanics. The main game is rooted in land battles. Currently the Land is in Pre-Sale so you can grab some now at a discount. If you don't have the ETH to spend, the first plot is FREE! Land will eventually be used for battling and such, but right now it is for enhancing the Vineyard Mini-Game. The vineyard mini game is a fun Production game. The more land you own, the more vines you can plant. This puts a great spin on land ownership. It also makes land valuable before the main game even launches. This is another part of the game where you can get started for Free.300 Free Vines. So get in early, get yourself some land, and get a head start before this fun game launches. I'm sure there are more fun mini games to come.

To get 100% Upvote, Free Land, Free Vines, and a chance to Win 5 SBD:

  1. Join my Discord you haven't already)
  2. Follow me on twitter you haven't already)
  3. Like and RT this Tweet
  4. Claim your Free 300 Vines
  5. Comment on the tweet with your Vinyard Referral link found at the bottom of This Page and your Discord Username(counts as 1 Entry)
  6. Resteem and Upvote this Post
  7. Comment on this post with your Vinyard Referral link found at the bottom of This Page and your Discord Username(counts as 1 Entry)

If you do all these steps you will get 2 Entries for the 5 SBD, 1 for twitter and 1 for steem. If your in my Discord when I draw for the winner, you will receive another free entry.

I will message you on Discord if you are a winner. You have 48 hours to claim your prize after the drawing. You must message me on Discord to claim your prize!

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Hear is my referral link

I am already following your discord and Twitter also.

I think this is correct link


whats your discord name? @lavanyalakshman


Yes it is my username in discord also.


the first link is the correct link


Thankyou yes my discord name is lavanyalakshman


Hi,after joining this website you get this home page

Aqua Super_20180607_105645.png

In this go GETLAND on scorrol down you get your referrel link.


thats the wrong link actually. We want the vineyard link from mini-games

Here is my link.
Already followed you on twiter and Discord with @Hasnain Ali

Discord name Wales007 my ref link‬

My refferal link.
My discord

Hey Britt you ever play Evony or Stronghold Kingdoms? I wonder when that format will figure out how to build in blockchain? Sounds like maybe this is the ultimate vision for CryptoRome.


i never played those CrytoRome has pleasantly surprised me so far

Nice post , i like you discord .

You are really defferent man .

Upvote you . I always try to follow your post .

And thanks for sharing @brittuf

Gran post

Pretty cool contest! Keep it up @brittuf and congratulations in advance for all the winners!


I am already on your discord



Comment on this post with your Vinyard Referral link found at the bottom of this page Entry)

I have not understand this rule please guide me sir


after you join cryptorome, that will be your referral link


How to join it?

commenting so I can come back here and do this after work. Looks like a lot of fun.

the contest is good but requires lot of patience


sometimes you gotta earn that upvote


You are right