Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Reaction Blog)

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The world continues its development; inventing and improvising technology for more convenient, effective and advanced living. This advancement made us to cope-up the changes and embrace technology as part of everyday living. However alongside with the booming of technology security and protection of data such as personal information are being compromised. This issue is quite alarming making the Philippine government to make actions on this problem and passing the Data Privacy Act of 2012 which is to protect the fundamental human right of privacy of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth. The act is broadly applicable to individual and legal entities that processes personal information, it applies on the Filipino citizens resides on the country however it is limited and not applicable to those residents of foreign jurisdiction. The act clearly states that collection of personal data must be declared, specified and with legitimate purpose, further it must have consent required before collecting the personal data.

Data Privacy Act of 2012 is a good thing that intends the protection of the citizens and highly concerns the privacy of the indivual. The government should strongly implement and maintain this law. The presence of the act manifest that we should be careful on sharing information particularly personal informations that can be used against especially on the internet that requires informations about you. It is just right to have consent on the different informations being collected so that we have control on our own informations, and no such sensible information is forcely taken on us. This maybe takes some time on the processing or transactions but the safety of our informations is being guarantee. Citizens will be at rest knowing that there is a law and committee that ensures to combat growing threat of personal informations, and processes with legal basis. Information and technology plays a vital role in the nation and there are some presences of risks however through this law it entitles the perpetrators of crime such as information breaching to pay its actions and proper sanction is given. However the Data Policy Act doesn't fully keep your informations invisible, it weights the information and check its importance if it could benefit a lot of people and help the nation. I see no problem with it, if the information/s is really that important why keep it hidden when it shows great interest to the public.

Informations are very important, and threats are always present. Data privacy act is essential in which it protects and secures informations and communication system for both governments and private sector for the welfare of the citizens. On the peak of advancement of technology and informations are utilize this act is one of the essential laws that protects the public and secure againts perpetrators of crime that taking advantage and compensate others. Hence it is just rightful to pass and have this law.

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This is my assignment in school a reaction paper and I just posted it so that I could share to you some informations. Hope this could be helpful. Thank you so much and Godbless.

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