DTube Gaming | All New Battletech Gameplay - Pure Destruction Using my Missile Boat Mech Config #1

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Dear DTube and Steemit Friends,

As you may have previously read, I recently purchased a new game and today I wanted to upload the first in a series of videos of me playing Battletech. As a kid, I played the loved playing the original version of this game when gameplay meant more than graphics. When I purchased it from Steam, I hoped that it would retain a lot of what made the original game fun and add onto it. I have done a couple of reviews on this, starting with an initial impressions post and live stream on @dlive, another more recent DLive live stream, and now a full 2+ hour video on gameplay where I have perfected my Mech builds into a powerhouse force of complete destruction.

I Love this game, and this will be the first of a series of @dtube videos that I will post on my progress as I plow through missions using my assorted army of mechs. The game is amazingly fun and although missions can be long (almost up to an hour) and take some time to complete, I love every minute of the gameplay and enjoy the strategy behind it.

For those of you that have never heard of Battletech and are not aware of what the game is about, below is a brief summary from Steam's site:

The year is 3025 and the galaxy is trapped in a cycle of perpetual war, fought by noble houses with enormous, mechanized combat vehicles called BattleMechs. Take command of your own mercenary outfit of 'Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war. Upgrade your starfaring base of operations, negotiate mercenary contracts with feudal lords, repair and maintain your stable of aging BattleMechs, and execute devastating combat tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

It is one of the most complex games in terms of strategy and variety. Everything and Anything is configurable so no gameplay will ever be the same. Because we as humans love chaos and destruction, I'm sure you will enjoy as you watch me lay devastation to all of my enemies.

Enjoy the video and please leave me questions, concerns, and comments below.

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its too long video (Duration Time 2:32:41) Thank you for share your amazing video..


Each battle takes an hour unfortunately.

nahh!!! I can't post on Dtube! They are requesting a code! Grrrrrr


Requesting a code? When do they do that? Do you have a screenshot?


I will show you in Discord!