~ The idea of Steemit is not working at the moment (Nov. 2018)~

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At the beginning I first want to say, that I´m a huge fan of the ideas behind Steemit/Steem blockchain which I summarize:

- 1: have your blog saved without regulations

- 2: earn money with your own content

- 3: have a smarter/nicer community

For the blockchain-history

As we see now what happens with the Bitcoin- and cryptomining people: They shut down their mining hardware and are selling it per pound!
What gives me the security that this platform continues to stay online when the people are also starting to shut down their servers? Will this content really be online "forever" or at least for decades?
I also see this platform not save against regulation because a few steem-whales are holding huge amount of steem to vote something down.


You can argue with "your content is shit and nobody want to see this and you are getting rejected." But to be honest: I´ve seen uglier pictures in the internet and how many percent of people have earned money on this platform 2018? If you are not here since a few years with thousand followers and holding steemit-meetups you can´t earn money here.
Especially if you are new and not able to push your blog with voting bots everytime. Otherwise your posts are not even getting seen.
Let´s say your new blog entry got 2 SBD/Steem. You can´t get a meal for 2SBD, additionally you want to increase your steempower for a bigger audience and reach. How to cash out quickly into fiat?
In my opinion its a dead end street at the moment.


I´m using the internet since 17 years and had community with #ICQ-messenger, #Myspace, #IRC, #Studivz etc.! So what is the unique feature for Steemit? Saved comments and blog entrys to have friendlier people? I´m not sure if this will be the case when steemit would become a audience like twitter and facebook.
But hopefully Steemit is not queuing with ICQ and will have a brighter future.

So please let me hear your thoughts about this and convince me from the opposite.

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This is an interesting topic! I also hope that steemit will evolve in the future due to the fact that I still see a lot potential in this platform. Nice article, keep it up! :)


Thank you darling :)

Of course it is not the wonder thing with the perfect answer to all problems.

Is it way more censorship resistant than existing platforms? YES
Do you earn more than on other SocialMediaPlatforms if you are not a star? YES

The biggest advantage will be the "one-account-for-many-things" combined with the fast and "free" transactions. Steemit as a blogging platform is nice - but definitely not STEEM'S main argument for the future. by far not!


Thanks for your reply :)
Okay I'm not familiar with the goals of STEEM.
Steemit should not be my handyman, but a source of a little gratuity.
Sadly the income is also depending on Bitcoin with no other fiat gateway for SBD/Steem.
I know YOU are earning here as a German-speaking star :-), that's for sure.
Grüße nach Österreich.