Dear Coach/Consultant!!!!Don't Just Dish Out Content Rather Dish Out Results.

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Dear Coach/Consultant!!!!Don't Just Dish Out Content Rather Dish Out Results.

Over the past few years commencing my consulting experience, having worked with two project management and one business development consulting firm.
I realized there is nothing too spectacular about the content of a consultant or coach that makes millions of dollars on a client to those that makes thousands.
Afterall, the market place is not driven by content but by results. You make less cash, its probably because your results hasn't attained the expected standards.
Let's be factual, content is content, no matter the level insight, experience or source.
No matter who you are or where you are from or your level of knowledge and experience. I deeply believe, there is always an organisation or someone somewhere that specifically needs your own content and insight to transit from where they are to where they ought to be.
Let me shock you a bit, few months ago, I came across a man running a company that does plumbing works for construction companies and we got talking.
After asking him some stategic questions about his establishment, I proposed the next actions he should take and we exchanged contacts. Before I left, I had an hunch to ask him how old was his business. To my greatest surpise,he responded saying "over 30years". I was shocked that his business was actually 10years older than my existence on earth. So I had to immediatly change the expression on face, just to avoid being noticed by him as I left.
I was amazed recently, as I got a call from him telling me about the great feedback he has been getting from his clients on jobs and output on service. He inspired me with his comment and I never requested for a reward.
This inspired to write this piece.
My point is, solving problems and providing solutions as a coach or consultant has nothing to do with content analysis, what is most important is the result your place on the table of value.

Thank you for reading this little content and I hope it was useful! If you would like me to write more posts like this or posts specifically to meet your needs, would you please upvote this post and/or provide comments here with suggestions for future posts and don’t forget to follow me @cryptohunt
Debbie Williams.

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Welcome to steemit

Welcome to steemit

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Nice post @cryptohunt There is a little edge and a little sassyness in your writing style that makes it very enjoyable, although im sure your very Kind :)
Since your taking request, i would like to know which Crypto or Cryptos do you have your eyes on now? We all know about Eth, and Antshares, whos your long shot with great potential. This would be a great article.

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