Honey! I'm sorry.

4년 전

To him, the apology is very easy. Simple apology is not necessarily someone who is guilty, but wants to maintain the so-called affection. But not to me.

The days we were angry, he was completely silent, did not say, did not speak anything. Even left alone in the middle of the conversation and disappear.

Please do not ever doubt that! It's just that he has his own feelings. Knowing anger, resentment, discomfort, should be appeased, coaxing. We are arguing like that, you stubborn, so stubborn, the above is certainly not possible, he himself waited for me to calm down, calm down only. Better than being there, both are unhappy, the more they say, the more arguments, the more bad things become, the more hurt each other.

I do not want to, I will say the words that hurt you. And I do not want to hear from you like that!

So, angry, he silent, you do not rush to think about, guessing negative. You stay silent, there, self-made good life, just patient with me a little bit!

Because inherently, he does not go anywhere. Stay there, where you can touch!

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