That is called love

3년 전

I love a girl, every time I quarrel I think, if I lose her I will like. So I cherish, actively take on wrong, take the initiative to make peace with her. Because I cherish every day to be with her. Men, what is wrong, what is most afraid is lost then there is regret not timely.

In the world of two people usually, a loud person, a happy person, a controversial person, a person to reconcile. I lost to her not because I did not argue, not because I was weak, but because I loved her. Victory about the loss, the loss of love is still lost. One loser wins. Sharing, love together. That's called love.

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Very sed to here your story, everything will be alright, just try to talk to her.
She will definitely listen to you..if she also loves u.


thank you