Think positive!

3년 전

If the sky seems to be covered in gray clouds, you go out again when it rains.

If you are looking forward to seeing a radiant rainbow, its color will bring you sadness.

If the earth continues to rotate, you must come to an end.

If you are looking for sunlight, all that you see is dark night.

If all around you are fun, that alone with you is just sadness.

If you are too tired, that life continues to knock you down.

If you cry ..

Then think of your tears falling to the ground that made the miracle.

Then you feel the air around you are grating the smell of new grass cut.

Then you laugh with the kids and get innocence from them when they laugh.

Imagine flying with a pretty butterfly in a colorful forest.

Then you listen to the whisper of the ocean and you let your skin be scrubbed by the warm breeze of summer.

Then taste a candy and feel the sweetness of sweet childhood memories on your tongue.

Then listen to the clear melody of the songbirds welcome a new day ..

Then you remember the so tender that you received from the mother's soft kiss when hugging you on the lap and chattering words of love.

Try to find the good in life. Look at the top five clouds, but do not look at the black ground under the road. Life is not good for me, but I will give life to the gift of his actions and positive thoughts. Let's start today from this moment. Because life has been a joy, the greatest gift that God has given you. I wish you all the best in your life!

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