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Answering certain questions is sometimes more complicated than we might think and sometimes they have an answer as simple as saying... EVERYTHING.

Don't worry, what I said will already make sense LOL.

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My inspiration is a lively entity, with the total capacity to drive me crazy. It is my dominant sense of creativity that does not let me rest as much as I would like sometimes, that keeps me active in more than five ideas at once.

Inspiration for me is not something completely fixed and defined, on the contrary, it is that part that includes EVERYTHING -as you read it.

I can always take my inspiration from everything that happens around me, from each awakening, from a bad omen, from that breeze that moves my hair and clears my mind, from the words of someone passing in front of my house, from what It happens to my friends, of those memories that come without warning, of each of the sorrows that we do not share, of the complex image of a flower resting on my table, of the amazing combination of colors and obtaining textures, of... mmm... of...

IT'S TOTALLY TRUE ... EVERYTHING as they read it ...

Everything inspires me

If you are curious about how this may be possible ... I challenge you to send me some comments in the comments or give me three words or ask me some experience of you and from there I can make poetry or stories.

This type of ability to inspire me with everything, for me it is a blessing and that is why I exercise it daily.

And so far my ramblings... LOL

This is my answer about the theme What in your life develops your inspiration? what the Prompt A Day team gave me. This was a good way to talk about it.

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I think it's cool that everything around you inspires you. :) #milkandtators