Mysterious grandmother


Driver's story
Almost mystical incident occurred with my childhood friend Sanya. The whole story looks rather creepy and strange, but I tend to believe him.

Previously, no lies for him did not notice. Sanya has been working as a freight train driver for many years.
o to the story itself ...
Sanya often tells different creepy things about her work.
The driver faced at night with an inexplicable phenomenon that saved his life.
But this time he was silent for a long time, until our 0.5 was almost empty.

  • Listen, - as I remember now, he said, - here it was, it is just not understandable to the mind ...
    We didn’t stand at night in the middle of the forest, but just drove along a quiet one, speed 10-15 km / h.
    Ahead was an arrow, an automatic one. One of the ways led to the left, to the abandoned grain thres, and the second - to the right, to the central station.
    This arrow, of course, has not been translated for a long time ...
    About half a kilometer remained before the departure, the assistant dozed off while playing the telephone.
    Sanya stood at the helm and peered into the night. Suddenly I heard a ringing ... Strange such as if they were calling for a fire. But not very loud, and, most interestingly, very close. Sanek became thoughtful, trying to understand where such sounds could come from.
    Maybe someone's cow with a bell got lost?
    The sound did not lag behind, following the train. Parallel to the cockpit. Sanya could not resist, stopped.
    From the locomotive jumped to the ground, went looking around.
    The sound has stopped.

to be continued

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