Today I threw away a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. I’ve been reading a book called “Less” and it’s about living a minimal lifestyle.


The book doesn’t just suggest getting rid of your unused belongings, but it provides a way of moving forward and keeping the unnecessary things out of your life. It’s not just about living with less stuff but also about spending your time wisely. I never realized how much time I wasted searching for stuff or just wadding through things to get to that one item I need. Simply taking the time to put stuff away made my life so much more efficient already after only a few weeks. I went ahead and got rid of a bunch of tools and organized my clothes and the hall closet. I threw out all my old paint supplies and organized my desk to be used again. I cleaned off the patio a little and began potting my plants.

I am going to setup this garden my aunt got me for Christmas tomorrow. I’m not sure what I plan on planting. I know I will plant herbs I’m just not sure which ones.

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