Portfolio up by 40% by trading on the Bitshares DEX

4년 전

Trading on Bitshares DEX is really rewarding specially Bitshares. It's one of the most special asset in the Bitshares DEX. By using it's special feature called Borrow, you can earn more by borrowing bitAssets from the Bitshares platform.


I manage to gain more Bitshares at the same time decrease my debt by almost 200 bitUSD. The problem with most people is they borrow too much from the platform instead of paying some of their debt when earning. I know I said it before that I will not gonna use Bitshares borrowing platform after getting margin called but if you know how to safely use this feature this will be your greatest partner on the Bitshares DEX.

I manage to increase my portfolio from 14,000 Bitshares to 23,000 Bitshares by using this feature. I also gain some bitUSD by doing this and continue to stack bitUSD and Bitshares to earn more. I don't recommend this if you are short tempered, impulsive, and doesn't accept losses when market is crashing.

As for Bitshares growth we can all agree that we are going to break $1 based on Bitshares price growth in it's all previous huge gain. I highly recommend Bitshares to those who wanted to gain huge bounty because as of now Bitshares will soon break the $1 barrier and will creat a new ATH in the next few months.

I also recommend buying Bitshares on the DEX since it's a cent or cents lower than usual price.

You can purchase Bitshares using @blocktrades https://blocktrades.us/, or by buying Bitshares with your Bitcoin or other assets that is currently available on openledger, GDEX, RuDEX, bitKapital, blocktrades, and Winex.


Buy Bitshares now while it's cheap. You will never see this prices again.

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Nice good Job @docmastery 👍


Thank you @dalexx! It's good to keep on stacking Bitshares every time it corrects.

Great post. Margining, as you said, if done responsibly and taking profit to retire debt on the way up and accepting losses when in an obvious market crash is a lovely thing indeed. I wish you the best and that your bts stack continues to grow. :)


Thank you @ildottore! Even with Bitshares uptrend I try to keep my collateral as low as possible just to make sure that I don't get margin called again. Let's enjoy Bitshares while it's still on uptrend! Good luck to you too and best wishes!