!!! About 15 information about TESLA !!!


!!! About 15 information about TESLA !!!

TESLA is one of the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturers. The main objective of the company is to limit the prices of consumers by avoiding the use of electronic cars and prevent environmental pollution. The TESLA company has been imitated in the name of their nomenclature Serbian electrical engineer and physicist "Nicola Tesla". The company's Model S has made it into the record-breaking world as the world's best-selling plug-in electric car for 2015 and 2016. Until November 2016, the company was able to sell more than 1,50,000 electric cars. And after that, the company's new car, TESLA Model, achieved the milestone of selling more than 250,000 electric cars by September, 017, after bringing it to market on July 3, 2017.

In addition to electronic cars, Tesla Company produces and sells Tesla Powerwall, Powerpack Batteries, solar panels and solar roof tiles.

Now let's move to the main tune content. Below 15 details of Tesla are presented to you that you may not know before! Blink:

1) Tesla Founder:


The founder of TESLA company is not Elon Mask, but he took his position in the company because of his high-quality IDEA! Following the idea of ​​Elon Mask, Tesla Company has become a multibillionaire company today. When Elon Mask came to Tesla Company, the company was in a state of turmoil, he fired the then CEO of the company's bad plan and came to the position of CEO itself. Following her idea, Tesla Company has come today from a thousand companies in the millionaire company.

2) Silicon Valley's 1st Car Manufacturing Company:


TESLA is the first car manufacturer in the North Pacific region of Silicon Valley, USA. Through this, TESLA Company has brought the reputation of making cars for that region.

3) The first electric car in the world:


The TESLA MODELS car is the first electric car in the world to debut in 2012. About 7 passengers can sit in the car and the car is 100% electric cars. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles in just 5 seconds, but there is also an AI system in the car which is always monitored for the maintenance of the car.

4) Open source company!


Since 2014, TESLA has released all the technical products of the company as the open source. So anyone with the right motive can use TESLA company's technologies.

5) Expensive cars:


Currently, the TESLA company has TESLA MODEL X as the supercar. The current price of the car is $ 1,40,000. It has been made as a sports car in SUV type body. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles in just 3 seconds and the maximum speed of the vehicle is 155 miles per hour. The vehicle has a BioWoppen Mind system and the entire car can be controlled by the computer! These features you will not see anywhere else! It's an electric car on it!

6) Most expensive cars:


So far, the most expensive car of TESLA Company is an upgraded version of their Model S. The Model S car's original $ 1,23,000 and this upgraded version of the car has been upgraded to the price of US $ 82,000 T Sport Line The car has been valued at $ 205,820 The car has an upgrade of $ 25,000 in interior, carbon fiber body kit and expensive wheelset.

7) Self-driving technology:


Since 2016 all Tulsa companies have been ineligible as self-driving technology. There are 8 high- quality cameras fitted around the cars, there are 12 upgraded UltraSync Detective motion sensors, also in front of the car, a front-facing radar system, in the dark, in the vortex, smoke, sand, and fog. Self-driving technology of the vehicle can take more precise decisions from people.

8) Smart upgrade!


If you have a TESLA car and in the future, an upgrade to the car system can actually be upgraded to a smart upgrade, as we upgrade the mobile, as we upgrade the mobile. This feature was first introduced and used by the TESLA company in the electric car world.

9) Automation cars!


This Summon feature of the car is currently in beta. Through this feature, the car itself will automatically decide on your own activities! Suppose you go to the office, the car will drive you to the office and drive back to your home, and you will get yourself picked up from the office when the official time is over. You can also apply TESLA cars by using this feature as a part-time payee!

10) Start of failure!


The first model of TESLA Company The Roadster is known as the Elon Mask as a completely failed project. In 2008, the TESLA Roadster car was released on the market but it could not be marketed.

11) High-speed cars in the world:


The TESLA company's latest car model TESLA MODEL S P100D is the world's highest speed accelerating car! The car can go from 0 to 60 miles in just 2.8 seconds. Which is the world's most expensive model cars such as Lamborghini, Bugatti accelerating high speed! The car is available for just $ 1,50000 in the market!

12) Supercharger powerful network!


The TESLA company's superstar station is now being established in many places around the world. TESLA's electronic vehicles will be able to charge you by sitting in the general house, but when the long drive or traveling somewhere far away, the company has started increasing the coverage of their supercharge station to solve the problem of car charging. The current goal of the company is doubling the amount of their supercharge station by 2017.

13) The safest car in the world!


Currently, TESLA Model X is the safest car in the world. The company's model is the safest car in the world with record number 5.4! Because the car was electronically, the car got 5.4 points out of 5 for the reason that the car would not explode in any two-wheeler.

14) Giga Factory!


TESLA Company CEO Ellen Mask is currently building the second largest factory "Gigafactory" in the world. Because of his dream, he wants to bring the whole world under the Battery Energy or under the Sustainable Energy production & consumption. To fulfill his dream, he needs a lot of battery, the battery which can not produce the whole world year, so he started building his own factory. After the construction of this factory, it will be able to produce enough batteries every year, which will be more than all production factories in the world. According to the theory, if there are 99 such factories in the world, then the whole world can be completely dependent on battery energy! And the battery is the original power source of the electronic car!

15) Has been sold to Google!


At the beginning of 2013, the TESLA Company was almost bankrupt. Then the company's Illinois mask wanted to sell it for a little less. But later, he took the latest effort in the company to bring about a surprisingly profitable situation!

Today I present to you these 15 information about Tesla Company. Hope you enjoyed these information!


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TESLA is the world 1st Electric car. The main objective of the company is to limit the prices of consumers by avoiding the use of electronic cars and prevent environmental pollution @dragonfly007.

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