'Necessity' is the key to new inventions.

3년 전

Since prehistory we humans had many problems to survive in a world with a lot predators and from there was born the need for stone tools to hunt, fish and even protect themselves. Due to the intense cold we created clothes from the skin of animals to survive and of course I can not forget that we always use caves to protect ourselves from predators during the dark night.


As we have seen the necessities forced us to create things to facilitate our life and that is since prehistory, it was through great wars that in humans we evolved faster, because we had to invent thing to survive during the wars.

We build projects and companies for the need of a better life, just as we build computers, telephones for a communication need. Virtually all technology we know today came from a need.

By must be aware that the current problems will be solved by someone in the future.

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