I'm Back On Steemit And Why Leaving Was A Bad Idea

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I went away from Steemit for a while. I didn't really believe this place at the time. The price of Steem was falling and bots were working like they own the place. It was a tough scene to watch so I left to find a better place. Little did I know - there are no such places.

Why did I leave?

I didn't believe I can make it here. All the top posts were either upvoted by bots or curated by special community members none of which I knew.

I thought to myself:
'' What is the chance that my post will reach those with the big vote?''
It's really small, I thought and then I stopped posting without getting really started.

Looking back right now - yes, it's a small chance I'll get big upvotes but it's much smaller if I don't write anything at all. I have to start with something and Steemit is a great place to do it. I have to focus on my growth and writing here is a great way to go.

I always kept an eye on Steemit and I think it's better to come back now than never. This platform has endured the test of time and communities are keeping it together. So, now I'm back.


What are my goals here?

I'm here to share my experience as a football coach. What it means for me and how it impacts every other part of my life. It's a love story with no ending. At least - not until I'm dead. Football is what I grew up with and now it's a part of me.

What is it like, being a coach?

For me, it's like being a walking and talking human example. Kids soak up what you do and say and later they use it. Whether they use it to bring you happiness or destruction, depends on what you've given them.

If you lead by example you're patient and calm. You care about your players, You're talking to them and encouraging them. You inspire by showing ways to get out of difficult situations. On and off the pitch. You are always there for your players.

You are someone a player can always talk to. You listen and give advises. You make your players laugh when it's the right moment. They know how to tell a difference between when you're serious and when you're joking.


What you say matters!

Your words stay on the pitch even when everybody goes home. Players remember what you told them during the training session and think about it. They are analyzing their mistakes to become better (it has to be taught).

You create the team spirit!

You build unlikely connections. With the right exercise and a nice explanation you're making two opposites attract each other. Two players who didn't communicate with each other can become best friends when training in your team.

You're somewhere between the family and friends, and the world. Parents often talk to you about how well it's going for their kid. Whether it's training sessions or school they wish to talk about - let them. You need the trust of parents as much as you need your players to trust you.


Different Age - Different Approach

When you're working with small children who go to kindergarten you're not going to be the same as when you're working with teenagers. Your approach changes depending on who you're working with.

For little kids - they gotta have the fun in training sessions so eventually, they fall in love with the game. That's the most important thing for you as a coach.

For older kids - there are more aspects and discipline is the most important one. You have to teach your players respect for themselves and all those around them. You have to talk to them a lot and explain why you're doing something.


The most important thing is enjoying what you do. If you're fully in something you do, success is not going to miss you. Show up every day and do the thing you love. It's what keeps you alive! It works for me and I love the thing I'm doing.

Have a succesful new year!


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With the recent fork, bidbots have been eliminated, 99% of the posts on the trending page are curated manually. Users have great chances to get curated by whales now. Steem is fun these days and we can attest to that, consistency is the key to success here.

Welcome back! Never give up is the rule of football and the rule applies here too, welcome back again Coach ⚽


Yeah, I like the fact that bidbots are gone!
Thanks for reading! I appreciate your warm welcome!
May we all have the consistency to apply and achieve success!

Thanks for the good tips, happy new decade 🙏🏆Resteemed ♥


Wonderful! Thanks!

Great tips and welcome back to Steem!


Thank you! It's good to be back!

Hi mate. Welcome back. I have done the same thing as you. I came back a few weeks ago and I couldn't remember why I had left. I plan to try and make a post everyday of next year, if nor every day then a minimum of five a week. Best way to get noticed is to comment on posts 👍


That's great to hear! I suggest planing a bit easier. Posting every day can become overwhelming. Start with setting small goals!
Anyway - wishing you all the success!

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