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A lot of talk about how this Pandemic is gonna change the World forever.

As with the talk about the future with AI and Robots taking over, it again considers the possibility of humans interaction being reduced to its barest minimum.

It is true that technology does drive business efficiency and profitability but I do not think human interaction can be replaced.

For instance, we go to the workplace for more than just our jobs. Human interaction and physical contact plays a big part of who we are. I for one don't see the office structure collapsing anytime soon... Despite the rise of remote work.

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We have moved.... waiting to see you there...


Right behind you. Relocating permanently in a couple of weeks


What do you mean? You make me worry...
I was only saying that we moved to Hive...


Lol that's what I meant. I've not really been active on the hive platform but I'll stop posting entirely on steemit soon and focus on hive... With the way things are going